YG - My Life 4Hunnid (Album Review)


YG, West Coast legend it could be argued at this point is back again in 2020 with the release of his new project 'My Life 4Hunnid'. I'm not the biggest YG fan, but I like a few of his albums and have respect for the career he's had, that being said, his last few projects haven't been up to scratch and I don't find myself enjoying them as much as his 2016 and before projects - but with a few nice singles, would YG return to the top of his game on this one?

The production on here is decent - but that's it, it's nothing that stands out but works well enough for YG. It's very piano based, with more laid back 808 patterns and guitars common as well - unfortunately however, there's a few generic beats sprinkled in here. 'SWAG' has these generic 808s but the swollen synth line keeps the beat kind of interesting as the track focuses on swag, guns, sex and money but overall it's a pretty mid with an annoying hook (although it's slightly catchy) but it kind of sounds like just everything that has been on this album so far - it doesn't stand out much. 'Out on Bail' has glossy synths and a glossy atmosphere with deep 808s as YG talks on the police out to get him although he's innocent. This was my favourite single leading up to the album - it's a really nice hook, decent beat and a quick paced banger which serves its purpose really well. 'Thug Kry' had a more melancholy, sad piano based beat but again has the issue of not standing out, as the track focuses on being done with love due to bad past experiences, where Calboy showed us another feature who didn't do much on the track and while Lil Mosey's melodies were definitely decent, he didn't bring anything new to the table and was really poor lyrical. This track keeps the patterns of generic and bland melodies leading to bland songs in the second half of the album.

YG as a lyricist is very basic, he has some hard hitting lines however such as on 'FTP', "Fuck you and your slave ship // We supposed to be free like the Masons", as the track is simply a fuck the police anthem over this deep guitar bass and piano which make a decent beat. I like the idea, but it's just not good - it's not bad either it's an example of a really average song where it leaves you confused to how to feel about it. YG also has some funny lines such as on 'Jealous', "I'm fucked in the game with a STD // Contagious as fuck, I spread the game out to the team", as the track focuses on how others are jealous of his wealth and success. The piano based trap beat is great and it's a good start, with a nice flow and delivery, a good hook and a formula that really should've been followed for the majority of the album. Overall though YG is basic, with an average flow and a rough delivery that don't hit as hard as it once did. An example of generic lyrics from YG comes on 'Surgery', "Callin' on my phone for the dick, it's emergency // I be tryna kill it, it's a murder, it's a first-degree", as the track focuses on having sex with this girl over nice, chilled beat with relaxed guitar strings. Ty Dolla $ign's feature provides some great vocals as per usual while Gunna is very uninteresting, monotone and generic - which is a repetitive pattern from his music - although he does have a good line every now and then, "We never care like a beat at a cypher (Yeah)". The hook is nice but everything else on this track is a bit average - just like the song.

The features aren't the best here, it's a bit disappointing. There was definitely some good additions. Other features just didn't do much for the track, and sometimes YG himself felt like the feature. An example of a feature not rising to the occasion is on 'Blood Walk' as Lil Wayne didn't really provide standout punchlines like he usually does and his lack of presence really kills the momentum of the track, but the other feature D3SZN had a good hook and YG also performed well. The song is dedicated to the rappers being part of the blood gang over this fire, flute based trap beat, with a repetitive but catchy hook - it's a decent track it's just Wayne didn't deliver. Lil Tjay's melodies on 'Hate on Me' were enjoyable and the only redeeming part as well as the beat which was alright, it was this guitar based twinkling beat, as the pair question why they have haters. YG was boring here and whatever delivery he was attempting it wasn't coming off as entertaining - Tjay did carry this track but even so it's only mid. 'War Scars' featured Tay2xs who was so bland and so generic with his melodies as the track focused on people gunning for them and trying to betray them over yet another generic guitar trap beat. The whole track is just very bland, forgettable and boring - there's not a really redeeming quality from this song.

Most of the content on here revolves around the typical: guns, violence, sex and flexing. One example being 'Rodeo' which focuses all on sex with this girl over this deep guitar bass and upbeat quick tempo trap elements. Tyga had some enjoyable verses as this song was made for him, while Chris Brown's hook was nice but the verse was so passive. Everybody does a good job, it's just the hook for Chris though not his verse - the song's a bit repetitive compared to what we've heard but it's a good song. 'Laugh Now Kry Later!' is about living your life now and worrying about the future another time over this slower, more R&B style beat. This track is kind of carried by the beat, YG again doesn't do anything interesting but the beat is fire - it's a disappointing end to a really forgettable album. It's weak content, nothing new from YG and generic in terms of depth and subject matter compared to similar albums.

To conclude, this album was bang average, it was OK at times and had some good songs but across the year of releases it's very forgettable. Some of the features, lyrics and production is just generic and there isn't as many bangers as expected. The 2 interludes on here add nothing, don't even provide a powerful point and seem very awkwardly placed, like the line on 'Traumatized Interlude', "Daddy, the police just came and they're knocking on the door looking for you and they have a gun in my face and I don't like that", is just quite funny how surface level and hard it's trying to prove a point. There's not much else to say, it's just very forgettable and lukewarm.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Jealous, Out on Bail, Rodeo



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