Pusha T - DAYTONA (Throwback Album Review)

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Today's throwback album review we are looking back at Pusha T's 2018 Grammy nominated album 'DAYTONA'. Notorious coke rapper Pusha T was the first to release an album during the G.O.O.D Music album release spree all consisting of 7 tracks - and my word - what a start he made to the run. As mentioned with only 7 tracks 'DAYTONA'. Notorious coke rapper Pusha T was the first to release an album during the G.O.O.D Music album release spree all consisting of 7 tracks - and my word - what a start he made to the run. As mentioned with only 7 tracks it sits at just over 21 minutes long making it an all action, fast paced album which moves the tracks along brilliantly as they flow into each other with zero effort. He made sure every aspect of this album was great and not a single bar was wasted. Consistency was key on an album that only has a short amount of songs or else the release would almost feel pointless or more comparable to a throw away EP - but due to every song being listenable and enjoyable to an extent it has such high replay value and is such an easy listen on the ears.

If you strip back all the layers from Pusha T's incredible flow and energy which projects pride consistently all through this project to musics basic component - the production - then you will fall in love. Flawless is the only word that comes to my head when I think of the production from Kanye West - he deserves a lot of credit for the success of this record. His production praises Pusha's style so well and the way he rides the beat is effortless - they make a dream duo. A lot of subject matter is about his drug life yet Pusha keeps it refreshing with his lyrics and wordplay because simply put - this album is full of bars he doesn't waste one line. Pusha T has technical ability no doubt. He's a great rapper: wordplay, flows and metaphors combined with his unique style are all on display this album. His flow is great but sometimes it can sound similar on different songs - yet it's not a major issue because his delivery has the perfect tone and pronunciation for the instrumentals placed on the tracks as every single word is ingrained in your head.

Also a quick shoutout to the album cover which cost Kanye West £85,000...

But onto the track-listing, we start with 'If You Know You Know'. This is Push talking about drug life - and it's an interesting listen for those who aren't drug dealers and want to get a glimpse of the lifestyle, "We got the tennis balls for the wrong sport". The verses have very nice word play and a great, smooth flows which ride over Ye's fantastic instrumental. The usual flexing song get's boring, but on 'The Games We Play' Pusha flees in a different way that doesn't have the basic formula of an overused song. He paints an image via his brilliant lyrics on the track such as "Get the table next to mine, make our bottle servers race" - which is placed over a crooked beat that works for the purpose of the song. 'Hard Piano' is my least favourite track but it's not a bad track by any means. It features a nice verse from Pusha with great lyricism yet again and features Rick Ross who's verse discusses how people hate to see him winning. Rick Ross is solid enough but the issue with the song is that the production wasn't as attention grabbing as other tracks. The hook also didn't contrast well with Rick Ross' & Pusha T's high energized delivery despite the nice vocals.

There’s nothing new in terms of content on ‘Come Back Baby’ but Ye‘s production is a solid as ever and Pusha’s uniqueness lyrically keeps it interesting. Not to mention the sample used in the hook is brilliant and the abrupt ending to start a new verse goes hard. The next track is’ What Would Meek Do?’ featuring the man behind the beats - Kanye West. I really like the concept of this song, as Pusha is debating his spot in hip-hop and of course his past drug life, while Kanye focuses on the controversy surrounding him in the build up to ’DAYTONA’ and even begins with some scoopity-poops (which I’m sure we all liked). As a song it sounds great and both artists‘ verses are solid with nice lyrics and a delivery that suggests they mean what they’re putting across.

Now, Pusha had been throwing shots the entire album at Drake, Lil Wayne & Birdman such as on ‘Santeria’, They say that death comes in threes, how appropriate” - side note ‘Santeria‘ is another good song the album. However, on Infraredhe dedicated a whole track to them and specifically Drake. The track comes in with an eerie sample and a gloomy atmosphere - which foreshadows Pusha‘s intentions in the song which ends up being a menacing jab. The highlight of the song being “Beats is bangin', ya hooks did it//The lyric pennin' equal the Trumps winnin'//The bigger question is how the Russians did it”.

This is without a doubt Pusha’s best solo project to date and this album was easily one of the most listenable projects of 2018 - and the length really helped it. Since then Pusha hasn’t dropped a project but I can safely say I’m excited for his next project and I hope we get Kanye back on production.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: If You Know You Know, The Games We Play, Come Back Baby, Santeria, What Would Meek Do?, Infrared



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