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OutKast: Worst to Best (Discography Ranking)

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

6. Idlewild

OutKast's final album is evidently their weakest, and while not bad and certainly has some highlights - there's too many low points and the whole thing doesn't feel like an OutKast project. It feels rushed, and the effort levels aren't there especially from André 3000 - partner that with their weakest production and an obnoxiously long run time and you have OutKast's worst album.

5. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

The duo separated for this project to make their own LP on this double album and both do a good job - however, despite the artistic talent from André and great rap side from Big Boi, there's just too much filler on both sides for this to be up there as one of their best.

4. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

OutKast's debut project which introduced them to the world didn't exactly have the style they're known for but they came on as Southern cocky gangsta rappers and managed to make a project full of fun bangers and groovy production. It wasn't their best technical performance but the duo provided us a great album.

3. Stankonia

OutKast's 4th album was a classic that stood the test of time - they took a more mainstream approach on this signaled by the hooks and the beats and despite a few duds they made an amazing album with some of their highest highs to date.

2. Aquemini

Following a recent change in style, OutKast followed it up with yet another classic full of amazing production, amazing hooks and some of the best rapping of all time to put it bluntly. This project had the potential to be a ten but a few questionable choices denied it of such - but it's still an incredible album.

1. ATLiens

OutKast's stylistic change created one of the best rap albums ever and with a few more listens I may even call this a 10 (and as of right now, I do think it's a 10). It has OutKast's best production, best verses, some of their best hooks and not a single bad song on it. Most songs are great to amazing, and this has stood the test of time 24 years on.

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