NAV - Emergency Tsunami (Mixtape Review)


NAV is back, and has dropped his second project of 2020 after his earlier project 'Good Intentions', which is still my least favourite album of the year. Naturally then, I wasn't looking forward to 'Emergency Tsunami', but when I saw he linked up with Wheezy, I had a bit more faith as well as the fact his last few features haven't been too bad - so, how was it?

The production of here is handled by Wheezy perfectly, it sounds fire and even more shockingly it compliments NAV and makes him sound half decent. There's banging trap beats with different elements added to the mix to make them stand out amongst the rest, as on 'Vetement Socks' which has this tropical, wet trap beat with xylophones and booming 808s which sounds great as he talks on spoiling his girl with designer clothes and making it to where he is today. To be honest he's carried by the beat on here, again NAV’s falling into his old ways with a boring flow and delivery, it’s still a good song though because this beat creates such a vibe and makes it such an easy, casual listen. It's solid throughout, and I hope NAV links up with Wheezy more in the future. 'Don't Need Friends' has this metallic, racing atmosphere with fast paced drum patterns but is the first uninteresting beat on the project as the track see's NAV flex his fame and wealth and reflect on making it this far. Lil Baby's feature on here is great as he slides over this production tailor-made for him giving us an entertaining verse. NAV again is better than usual, but this doesn't capture the same vibe as the first few tracks but Baby slid on this track and it's definitely listenable, and overall an OK song just my least favourite so far. 'Droppin Tears' has the only really "meh" beat of the album, as NAV flexes his wealth and talks on sex and his weaponry. The beat is minimalist, and NAV is boring and this song is just another song in a bad second half run.

Lyrically, NAV isn't good - he's still very basic and bland, as shown on tracks like 'Make It Right Back', "Divin' inside the ocean, and my neck look like a lake // All of my pockets stuffed with lots of cheese that you can't grate (Cheese)", over this very psychedelic, swirly bass and banging trap pattern as he talks on drugs and the money he's acquired. The beat is fire, but NAV's flow here is just boring and he doesn't ride this beat like earlier in the tape. Overall it's a pretty average song - but not bad. There are less bad lyrics here, as he has turned bad lyrics to painfully generic lyrics - which is a slight improvement I suppose, as on 'Turn & Twist' which has this standard trap beat as NAV tells us his rags to riches story. The chorus is horribly boring, but the verses have some nice melodies as well as some monotone segments. It's not as bad as the worst song on here, but again I wouldn't describe it as a bad song. It's not good lyricism, but there's no bars that make me want to throw up here. 'Nasty' see's NAV provide disturbingly too much information, and it's quite bad overall, "Usin' her tongue when she give me a kiss // She be so nasty, I think that she sick // Look in my eyes and she spit on the tip". There's a slower beat with twinkling bells in this back giving us a trippy atmosphere as he talks on his relationship with this girl, sex and how he spoils her. The hook's melody is nice and while NAV's rapping is simplistic to bad - the minor inflections keep this interesting and it's another vibey song. His flow has also improved on this, it's more versatile and constantly switching as he rides these beats to a good degree. His delivery as well, the usual robotic delivery sounds like there's actual human life there and it sounds a lot more interesting than past projects (or in fact all projects).

The features overall were decent, it had some big names who performed and made these tracks their own, such as Young Thug on 'Repercussions' who flexes his wealth with a fire flow as he comes off so versatile, stealing the show and eating this beat up which is this dark yet carnival type beat with booming 808s. NAV is pretty generic but isn’t nearly as bad as you’d find on his last album, and overall he wasn't too interesting but was OK - Thug carried this song definitely, it's not as vibey as others but still a good song (already more good songs on this than 'Good Intentions'). There was also some so and so features who didn't add much to the track, such as SahBabii on 'Do Ya Deed' who is just really disappointing on here with some horrible lines, "That pussy wet, thought the lil' ho done peed", as well as some dumb but funny ones, ".223's look like pointy nipples (Pointy nipples) // All the Glocks havin' dicks, we some horny n***** (Horny n*****)". The 808s bang. the bass again is just full of many elements making it stick out as the track compares guns to genitals for the most part. While the feature's lyrics are entertaining for better or worse, the delivery is horrendously boring and NAV isn't too enjoyable here either - it's incredibly tedious and forgettable. Gunna joins NAV on 'Young Wheezy' as he flexes his wealth but slides over this looped, animated but banging beat. NAV on the other hand focuses more on his dangerous lifestyle, whipping coke and attacking his opps and it's just a really enjoyable, vibey track - NAV's meloides are great and him being 2 from 2 so far has actually left me shocked.

Despite progression in everything else, the content is still very uninteresting revolving around girls, drugs and flexing his wealth, as on 'Trains' which has this banging trap beat and a Lil Keed feature which I wasn't feeling due to his flat melodies and some questionable lines, "High-class whips, high-class bitch, she suck my dick // Drank my spit, look at my wrist", he was just kind of there and easily skippable. This is another track in which I like the beat, but the feature does absolutely nothing for me and NAV himself can't carry this one - it's the first real song on the album I'd describe as bad. There's not really any other focus on here, so this is one area where there isn't at least some signs of improvement. 'Friends & Family' see's NAV flex his fame, money and success as he talks on nobody believing him at first over this racing, spongy trap beat which is fire. Lyrically, he's not as bad as usual but it's still pretty meh and while being a simplistic track, the banging beat see's NAV ride effortlessly over it and surprisingly give us a great start to the album. 'Modest' talks on girls, flexing and drugs again over these booming 808s and orchestral instruments which sound great, as NAV provides some funny one liners, "Got bitches on lock, Orange Is the New Black". This is another track that feels like a 'Good Intentions' throwaway, and even with good production it isn't as good as any of the first half's songs and NAV's delivery was just really uninteresting.

To conclude, it's no way near the best piece of music this year, but considering NAV’s output so far in his career it’s a huge step up. The melodies are cleaner and catchier on here, he uses his flow to a more entertaining standard and of course the production is great, as well as the features helping most tracks out - and no I don't love this album, the majority of it is still full of boring moments and the best of songs don't stick out in the whole landscape of things. To put it simply, he's not as robotic or boring - for the first half - but this is a tale of two halves, the first half is such a vibe and sounds great, but then the second half has worse features with production which isn't as good and NAV sounds more uninspired. So while it isn't exactly good - it's still a step into the right direction for NAV.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Friends & Family, Young Wheezy, Nasty, Repercussions, Vetement Socks


OVERALL RATING: Solid 4.5/10

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