Lil Yachty - Lil Boat 3 (Album Review)

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Lil Yachty is back in action after a disappointing last few projects - in fact you could argue he hasn't had a good project since his 'Lil Boat' mixtape, but a few years down the line he has dropped the third installment, 'Lil Boat 3' and the final of the series. So the question was, can he redeem himself for the last few projects or will it be another lackluster piece of art within his discography.

From a production standpoint, this album is fantastic. Genuinely most the beats slap on this, mainly consisting of trap elements and usually an upbeat, lighter feel - however there are darker sounding tracks with deeper baselines such as 'Pardon Me' which has a hard beat with a deep synth base and 'Demon Time' which also has a fire beat and a Draft Day feature, as he works well over this (once again) deep synth baseline with a fire flow and great delivery. In fact that song is a good song, a relentless track as both rappers flows and cadences just keep coming at you. The lighter beats have the higher highs on this album - but he always delivers over these darker beats and is more consistent. The instrumental on 'T.D' is probably my favourite on here with it's twinkling xylophone contrasting its eerie base and hard 808s - genuinely the beat on this song is immaculate. 'Lemon Head' has this glitchy beat that sounds absolutely fire and he talks pretty much on getting head for the whole track, but it works with Yachty's fine melodies making it a very enjoyable track. However, as the fire beats keep coming that's not always enough for a good song, take 'Westside' for example, which had hard 808s and a great light beat but everything starts to feel a bit similar at this point, Yachty does nothing special and the songs kind of drag from here. However, a quick shoutout to probably the funniest line of the project on this track, "Feel like a teenage white girl, I follow one direction (Yeah)".

Lil Yachty himself is pretty generic and basic with his lyrics, but every now and then has a funny one liner like on 'T.D' where he says "Lookin' so good, I might rob myself (Self) and Fuckin' on a bitch and she sound like a hype man", or on 'Split / Whole Time' "These n***** softer than Build-A-Bear". In fact talking about this song, it's a decent sounding track overall but just goes on for way too long. Yachty simply just flexes his wealth and attacks his opps on this track over these synth kicks and sci-fi sounding synths before a beat switch comes in picking up the pace of the track with a xylophone. Both beats are decent but I prefer it after the switch - my only issue is this song really didn't need to be 4 minutes long and it gets stale with its repetitive flow, melodies and nature. Another example of these witty lines would be on 'Don't Forget', where he says "Tell your friends get out my DM 'fore I bend her (Yes) // Oh, your brother want a verse? I need a ten first (Yes)" - it's a shame though because this is one of my least favourite songs of the project. It just lacks any kind of energy and the flow is obnoxiously repetitive - this comes after a run of good songs as well making it seem even more stale. Most of the punchlines he attempts are pretty bland or not too witty - and someone really needs to check the structure of his lines, because when he says "My son an icon (Yeah), suck me with my ice" on 'From Down Bad' - it could be taken way out of context.

Yachty's flow is decent, but is stays the same for a lot of the time and gets tedious, such as on the track 'Wock in Stock'. His flow gets stale here but overall it's still a decent song with a good beat, nice melodic tone and some cool references all throughout: "This bitch geekin' off a school bus, she Miss Frizzie (Beep)". His melodic delivery is really nice, but sometimes he overdoes it with the autotune. At times however, he raps without autotune like on the track 'Black Jesus' over another dark beat, and it sounds decent as he talks on making money despite the negative attention he gets. He comes with the right amount of energy on this track, as well as a simple flow but it works great over this beat. The change of energy in the hook makes it stand out more and come across more menacing which works to great effect also.

There's not as many features as I would've expected on a 19 track album, but for the most part the features are good on this. Future partners Yachty on the track 'Pardon Me' as the two artists spend their time flexing, as Future comes across generic, while I don't think he had a bad feature he wasn't very captivating with his boring flow and not so catchy melody. That's just like the whole song - it's listenable but not very captivating because nothing new is going on. The main attraction however comes on the posse cut 'T.D' which features all of: A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator & Tierra Whack. Firstly, Yachty's contribution to the track is nice with some good bars, before Rocky comes in with a nice flow and great delivery (slightly disappointing for his standard because the bars were lacking, but it was entertaining nonetheless). Tyler then comes in with another great guest verse as he's on quite the role with some great bars, decent punchlines and a relentless delivery/flow. Tierra then hops on sounding like JID with this quick yet fire flow that's constantly switching to keep you entertained - as well as some good punchlines "On your new picture, we archive (Ugh) // If we cross paths, leave you cross-eyed".

The biggest features of the project all come in the second half of the album, as Drake and DaBaby join Yachty on 'Oprah's Bank Account'. Drake's melodic tone was so enjoyable as was his witty one liners, "Money and me are the same, but I just don't fold for you, yeah". DaBaby came in with his standard flow and delivery - but as usual on features, it worked well. The whole metaphor of the song, as stated in the hook "Diamond in the rough, you look as good as Oprah's bank account", is also quite funny and witty. The song is about their loved ones, Yachty's hook is so catchy and gets you in such a good mood it's easily one of my favourite songs of the year. Both Lil Durk and Young Thug also have great features on 'Till the Morning', with Thug stealing the show with his melodies and flow which glided over this jumpier and vibier beat. The whole song was great, even Yachty's melodies are the hook were more interesting and different to usual which was definitely needed at this point.

The content on this album is everything you expect off a modern day trap project - money, sex, drugs and violence. You can find this content anywhere, starting with the opening track 'Top Down' which see's Yachty brag about his success over this lighter banger of a trap beat. It has a whole bubblegum feel to it (which is where he excels), a catchy hook and is just a whole happy vibed track to get you in a good mood - the perfect start the album. At least 'Range Rover Sports Truck' takes a focus more on cars than just general bragging. In fact this song has really grew on me, the hook which I find annoyingly repetitive is now catchy in my opinion, and the quick switch up at: "Bentley Bentayga, bitch sipping Jäger (Slatt)" helps the hook out as well. Lil Keed also demonstrates good chemistry with Lil Yachty as they go back and forth - and while he didn't do anything too crazy he definitely earned his place in the tracklist.

To look at some other tracks on the tracklist I'll start with 'Love Jones', a short but pointless song in the album. It's incredibly basic, with a decent beat but one of the least interesting on the album and a whole lack of energy accompanied by a chorus (which isn't catchy by the way) being longer than the actual verse. There was really no need for this song in the tracklist. After that is 'Can't Go', which again has some decent melodies, hard 808s and it is definitely listenable - it just again does everything else the better songs do but more watered down. The album closes out with two tracks titled 'Whew' Chile' and 'Concrete Boys', which are slightly disappointing ending tracks. 'Whew' Chile' has an alright melody, it just needed more energy while absolutely nothing stands out bar the beat on 'Concrete Boys'.

To conclude, this album is full of ups and downs. It definitely has some great highlights - but also some bland spots that fail to make an impact (especially in the middle). It has the same problem as a lot of trap projects this year - too long, too much filler and too desperate for streams. If shortened by 5 or 6 tracks, it had potential to be a very good album, it's got the right vibe for the Summer time it was released. Still though, it's a decent album and a massive improvement on his recent output.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Top Down, T.D, Demon Time, Black Jesus, Oprah's Bank Account, Range Rover Sports Truck, Lemon Head, Till the Morning



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