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Lil Uzi Vert - LUV vs. The World 2 (Album Review)

Wow...who expected this. After waiting 599 days for 'Eternal Atake' to drop - we get the deluxe version a week later - but it turns out it's a whole new 14 track album, a sequel to 'LUV vs. The World' titled 'LUV vs. The World 2'. The production on this album is less sci-fi than 'Eternal Atake' (click here to see my thoughts on that) and is more like his usual style - synth heavy, bouncy, fun, elastic and full of 808s. There are some great beats on this album, a few OK ones and not many poor ones. It's not the most consistent in terms of production towards the end but it definitely has more good beats than not. Uzi's lyricism as you should know by now, is very basic and doesn't even attempt to be creative with his lyrics - but I leave this album finding more bars than I enjoyed on 'Eternal Atake' so there's a slight improvement. As usual, Uzi's flow is fire - and he really can spit when he uses that quick flow allowing him to effortlessly glide through the beat and make it that extra bit catchier. Lil Uzi Vert has fire melodies throughout this album which are still as catchy as ever and almost invite you to sing along. Unlike 'Eternal Atake', this album has some features which is refreshing to hear. Most features turn up on this album (bar a few forgettable ones) and have perfect chemistry with Uzi. Finally, we'll mention the subject matter which is actually quite consistent. The entire thing is dedicated to flexing - whether it be girls, money or his position in the rap game - it's constant flexing. It's consistent - but it's not really content. At least with 'Eternal Atake' on the Renji section we got more personal subject matter and I would've liked a slight bit more variation on this project.

The track list begins with 'Myron'. The melody in the beat carries the track well and the 808s come in hard as the beat builds it up sensationally. Lil Uzi rides the beat so effortlessly with his flow and even had some lyrics that made me laugh in this track such as "Oh, you think I give a fuck because I'm rich, baby? (Huh?) // Come on, baby, let's have sex and have a rich baby". 'Lotus' follows 'Myron' and again it's a pretty enjoyable track that I like but it isn't top tier Uzi. The 808s are pretty generic but the synth keyboard and the hi hats create a great, chilled beat. Lil Uzi Vert's energy matches the beat because his flow is slower and his melodies sound great over the 808s especially. Pi’erre Bourne creates a simple beat on 'Bean (Kobe)' but God damn does he kill it. Uzi's verse is just alright, it's nothing new or special and his melodies and flow are just meh - it started nice but went on for too long. The hook is repetitive but catchy and Chief Keef's chilled delivery matches the beat perfectly. 21 Savage hits us with a feature on track four 'Yessirskiii'. 21's quickness but calm delivery fits the melody of the beat well. The melody of the beat has a nice slidy effect from Pi'erre but again the 808s are pretty bland. Uzi and the hook were fine. 'Wassup' has a hook again that should be annoying but due to how Uzi sings the last line it just gets so stuck in your head. The beats fine and Future's feature rides it well but his feature was just a standard Future appearance - his flow was simple and bars pretty generic but all in all it's not an awful track. Young Thug absolutely kills his feature on 'Strawberry Feels', and as usual his lyrics are always one to keep an eye on due to his crudeness, "I put my dick in her bladder, yeah, yeah". Gunna who I'm not a fan of featured - he wasn't bad but not great, I think the beat carried him because oh my God that beat was amazing - the 808s specifically are so dirty. Uzi's split up flow as well made his verse absolutely fire and the flow was perfectly designed for a beat like this.

The first real forgettable track on this album is 'I Can Show You' - it's not a bad song it's just an easy skip. I've heard Uzi like this before - he's not bad in this style but I've heard it a few times on the album already. The beat is fire (especially them dense 808s) and it has an orchestra theme going on as well which gets your head nodding. The next track on the album 'Moon Relate' is arguably the best on this deluxe edition. The trippy yet slightly psychedelic beat sounds amazing and putting Uzi's new cadence over it sounds fire. His melodies are perfect, flow is that quick flow I enjoy and it's always changing and keeping your attention while sounding flames at all times. 'Come This Way' again is a great track. The deeper tone of voice Uzi uses in the hook gives it a catchy edge, and contrasts well to the melodic style of the verses and again it's an easy listen. Unfortunately, the album takes a turn for the worse past this stage beginning with 'Trap This Way (This Way)' which has a lifeless beat and is such an easy skip since Uzi doesn't do anything special with it. Another easy skip is the next track 'No Auto'. It's just not interesting. There are some generic 808s and the bass just isn't that good. Uzi and Lil Durk have an easy listen but don't say anything that keeps your attention. Despite that, I can say both sound good without autotune. Pi'erre's beat is nice on the next song 'Money Spread' and that's about it. The hook sounds like a verse, Uzi's verse itself is played out by this point and Young Nudy's feature was awful. Nudy literally rhymed nuts with nuts about ten times and rhymed money with money loads - also, why was this line even a thing, "Yeah, slap it on her butt, whole lotta white stuff on her butt"?.

There's an improvement in the next track 'Got the Guap' but again it just kind of comes and goes. The beat is nice, Thug & Uzi's verses are both passable, but I think at this point the albums too long and I've heard it all from the past thirty-two songs released in the last two weeks. Nav has a surprisingly good feature on 'Leaders'. His chilled yet quick delivery over the almost transporting bass contrasted well - and Uzi followed Nav's lead with his verse and it came off with the quickness of his flow. After a poor second half to the album we did end it on a high at least.

So to conclude, this album is decent but not as good as 'Eternal Atake'. It gets progressively worse as the album goes along and by the end of it you're tired of listening to it. There are many good songs as well on this album - but there's a lack of standout tracks. It's just not as consistent as 'Eternal Atake' but I will return to a few songs. After 599 days we got 32 tracks from Uzi, and that'll satisfy me for the time being I don't need another drop from him any time soon.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Myron, Lotus, Yessirskiii, Strawberry Peels, Moon Relate, Come This Way, Leaders



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