Lil Tecca - Virgo World (Album Review)

Lil Tecca, 18 year old rapper from New York, rose to fame with his breakout single 'Ransom', and since then hasn't exactly managed to pull me back in. His debut project was mid, but now with his debut studio album 'Virgo World' - he has another shot to prove he's not just a one hit wonder and the young man is here to stay - the question is would he do that though?

The production on here has a really summery vibe that suits Tecca's warm melodies, and it sounds good over these vibrant trap beats at first but over time gets pretty tiring and repetitive, such as on 'Chemistry' which has these warm, twinkling synths as he speaks on his chemistry with a girl, and as much as it sounds like so many tracks on here or even 'Love Me' from his previous project - it's an incredibly catchy song and so upbeat and I like it. Piano's are very common on the album as well, such as on, 'Out of Love' which is pretty boring and disappointing from Internet Money as he raps on how the world is out of love for each other and only wants materialistic items, "Everybody want the same thing // New chain, new car, and the same ring", despite rapping about materialistic things only a line later - it's pretty hypocritical and as a song it's bland and the album finishes on a real low note. 'Take 10' has this generic trap beat like a few songs on here as he talks about winning a girl over and flexing, but his flow is so stale and repetitive and melodies bland as this is the first instance the whole gimmick of this album being genuinely boring - and there'd be more songs to follow with similar weaknesses.

Lyrically, Tecca is very basic and generic with his lyrics almost like any trap artist on his level. 'Level Up' is an example of this with it's very basic and incredibly repetitive lyrics, "Break 'em down, like that's the only option // Break 'em down, like that's the only option (Yeah) // Break 'em down, like that's the only option (Oh, woah) // Break 'em down, like that's the only option (Yeah)", as he talks on a girl he was with and didn't have reciprocal feelings for as he regrets getting into the relationship. The piano based, summery beat sounds nice but again it's very boring and uninteresting as a song. He has a few nice punchlines at times, such as on 'When You Down' where he uses the hard hitting punchline, "You don't know who gon' be there when you down // But you know who gon' be there when you up", as the song focuses on gold digging girls and people who aren't down for you over this classic trap beat with a dejected edge to it. Lil Durk is on here and has some nice melodies but nothing too crazy as Polo G gives us an introspective verse about the down sides of the street live and the positives of fame when compared to it, with some decent lines "Sometimes I miss the days of hunger, standin' in the rain // 'Member when I didn't have shit to lose and everything to gain". The song has generic melodies from Tecca but hearing different voices was needed and the reason I don't find this song 'bad'. Overall though he isn't very interesting lyrically - but that's not where the attention is in his music. 'Back It Up' has some mean punchlines, "They be like "Tecca lookin' skinny, start eatin'" // N****, I just hop up on the beat and then I eat it", as he talks on being hurt in past relationships as he wants honesty from his girl over this fast tempo'd beat with cold synths and heavy 808s. The flow is really good in the verse, and the hook has some nice melodies over this more mysterious verse - it's the first good song of the project. Tecca's flow has improved and while nothing special it's a lot tighter and more versatile and I mentioned his attraction earlier, that's all in his melodies which are generic at times even sounding like Lil Skies but at other times they're the key highlights of certain songs.

The features are nice to hear on this because Tecca gets boring over 19 tracks. That being said, they're not exactly the most interesting features - but they aren't bad either. NAV is on 'Foreign' and gives a rare good performance despite the generic lyrics as his melodic flow worked well over the dramatic atmosphere of this generic trap beat. The track focuses on guns, money and drugs and while Tecca's hook was forgettable, NAV was decent and overall it's probably an average song. Lil Uzi Vert hopped on 'Dolly' and was probably the best feature because his voice was more distinct than the rest and was so nice to hear over another warm beat (but generic once again). Tecca flexes his wealth and how many girls he can get but was so uninteresting and bland on here, and while Uzi was decent he didn't do enough to save the track. Guwop Reign features on 'True to the Game' and while it's nice to hear a new voice he didn't stand out and was very generic as he spoke on guns and the trap while Tecca focused on staying true to the game and those belittling him before he blew up coming back around. Again, a generic trap beat although it doesn't sound too bad and overall another uninteresting track.

The content on here is also very generic and predictable with most of it focusing on: designer clothes, money and fake people in his life, such as on 'Royal Rumble' as he talks on most of these topics over these deep, heavy 808s and warm atmosphere again as he provides some basic yet funny punchlines, "Punch a n**** in his lip, now he lookin' like Kylie (Bop)". It's a good song, his flow and melodies are fun and keep the verses moving - the hook lets it down though and I don't dislike it it's just kind of there - other than that it's a good song. 'Tic Toc' also focuses on generic topics like flexing, drugs, watches and not messing with the gang over this decent piano-based trap beat. It's another one I wasn't feeling, it was too much like the other ones which is the biggest crime of this project. A lot of content also revolves around relationships but nothing really in depth about them, such as on 'Selection' as he talks about his girl and wanting her to be his "best friend" over this vibrant beat from Skrillex and DJ Scheme which sounds good. It's again pretty bland at this point but it just isn't bad so I can't say this album at this point has a bad song.

Other songs on the tracklist to look at include the opener 'Our Time' which talks about the fake people coming into his life since he's reached fame over this deep bass, summery and afro-swing beat with light piano keys. Tecca is basic as usual on here, it's an enjoyable track with nice melodies but it doesn't exactly sound new and sounds like many other Lil Tecca songs. 'Actin Up' see's Tecca again flex his wealth, girl and designer items over another summery, standard Tecca beat with a nice bass guitar. It sounds just like the last song, it isn't exactly bad and I'm not sick of it yet but it's the reason the track overall is mid. 'Insecurities' has the same beat as every other song as he speaks on not caring about the flaws of his girls and how people didn't respect or want him before he was on. His vocal inflections keep this song interesting, and it has a really nice hook despite the repetitive beat - it's a great track. 'Miss Me' has another generic summery beat as he tells his ex girls if you miss he's going to be too big to get a hold off, it's another repetitive song which is so generic for this album and does absolutely nothing different.

'Closest to Heaven' has a lowkey, vibrant beat as he talks on wetting people up and being up next but again - uninteresting, generic and flat vocals stop this track being good. 'No Answers' is about his team being the best and up next as he ignores girls who just want him for his money. Once again I sound like a broken record but it's boring and sounds like every other song on here but this ones especially watered down and his melodies are very boring, lifeless and the beat is bland. 'Last Call' has a decent guitar trap beat as he talks on how he didn't care about the fame but now he has the fame and money to flex on people. The beat is nice but again, I'll say for the last time - his melodies are generic and uninteresting at this point and this isn't a good song.

To conclude, this album begins with some great memories and a nice warm feel - but the more it goes on it becomes tiring. 19 tracks like most trap projects is very overblown and what's worse is it's the same song over and over with no variation - at least his last mixtape while mid had some variation. Tecca is a nice artist in small doses but he hasn't provided a good project yet. The biggest turn off on this album is horribly boring and has a run of around 7-8 bad songs straight - at least the first half has some good songs.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Back It Up, Chemistry, Royal Rumble, Insecurities



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