Kanye West: Worst to Best (Discography Ranking)

Updated: Feb 20

After ranking all an artists discographies either on the site or on the 'Other Reviews' section - I will rank their discographies from worst to best starting with the man himself Kanye West. You can see all full reviews for Kanye West on other sections of the website. (Other things in the ranking section will include end of year lists and artists songs ranked).


Kanye's most recent project is easily his most disappointing. The gospel themed album is decent, has its highlights and is definitely listenable - it just doesn't do much to grab your attention and pull you in. It sounding slightly rushed doesn't help either.

11. Cruel Summer

This collaboration project goes under the radar for a lot of people for some reason. It's not his best but it's pretty consistent in its tracklisting and even has some real high highs. Some may be surprised to see it above 808s - and while 808s has the higher highs I feel just slightly this album is more consistent. (This opinion eventually changed).

10. 808s & Heartbreak

One of the most influential albums of all time here, and while it has its highs it also has its lows. It was experimental to Kanye at the time, and while I don't absolutely love this project it still is very enjoyable and just showcases the strengths of Kanye's discography.

9. Yeezus

Kanye's experimental project paid off. It's a great album, with some real high highs and just consistency all throughout. It has some meh tracks but that's outweighed by the highlights heavily.

8. Watch The Throne

The collaboration project between JAY-Z & Kanye West goes under the radar for most people. For me it's a great album with some outstanding songs (the first 4 tracks specifically). It drops off in quality a bit towards the end but still is a smooth listen.

7. Graduation

This project had the potential to be top 3 Kanye with songs like 'Flashing Lights' and 'I Wonder' being some of my favourite Kanye songs - but it also has 'Drunk & Hot Girls' which is Kanye's worst song for me. High highs and low lows - but overall still great and it's definitely grew on me over the years.


Another collaboration project here but with Kid Cudi this time. This 7 track album is short but sweet. With some amazing songs, eerie production and consistency all throughout, it was a real highlight of 2018 (and Kanye definitely performed the best on this one out of the two).

5. Late Registration

A classic from Kanye, his sophomore album was a really good listen with high pitched soul sampled instrumentals and a load of classic Kanye songs - it's easily one of his best. The only issue was there was a few bland moments, but this one isn't far off a top 3 place.

4. ye

A controversial choice for third, with mixed reviews this 7 track album is near perfect to me. Outlining Kanye's struggles with mental health and addiction, it packs so much power into its short run time and has an unreal amount of replay value.

3. The Life Of Pablo

Kanye was back in action with this messy rollout. This album has some of Ye's biggest highs and most consistency. It's such a good album, the production is outstanding - I just wished Kanye's rapping was a little bit better.

2. The College Dropout

Kanye burst onto the scene with this album. His debut album is incredible with classic songs and fantastic production. It was a statement in the rap game that you don't need to be a gangsta rapper to succeed or a top tier lyricist.

1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

One of the best albums ever in my opinion. Kanye's magnum opus following the public backlash really got everyone back on his side. Incredible production, his best music and his best concept - an instant classic and forever the best part of Kanye's artistic legacy.

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