Internet Money - B4 The Storm (Album Review)

Music producer group Internet Money have launched their own record label, so the super group decided to showcase their talent by dropping a star studded project titled 'B4 The Storm' to show off both their new artists and production. With names such as Juice WRLD, Lil Tecca, Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa and more attached to this - expectations were raised, and the group really were giving us a taster for what's to come in the future.

Firstly with the production let's talk about the positives because the production is a positive on here. Internet Money are great at tailor making instrumentals which suit the artists style, and while the production is good - that's all it is, it's nothing special and for a project made by producers - you expect so much more from this stand point. You'd also expect with 20+ members in the collective a lot more versatility with the production but you don't really get that unfortunately. The intro track 'Message' features this explosive, chaotic and electronic beat which is alright but becomes a bit of a gimmick as it goes on. The rapper on this track is TyFontaine who's pretty basic and provides some forgettable verses despite a nice a hook - overall it's pretty meh but not horrible. 'Blastoff' has this acoustic guitar with trap drums which sounds great and fits both Trippie Redd's and Juice WRLD's style well as they make a song on a failed relationship. Trippie's vocals are great as usual and Juice's melodies were nice but the verse wasn't the most interesting - it's still an alright song overall though. 'Devastated' has these deep trap elements with catchy guitar riffs as lilspirit provides what's a really simplistic almost nursery rhyme lyrical performance as he makes a song about missing his partner. It started smooth as he came in with R&B vocals, but as it went along it got less and less interesting - it's still not a bad song. There's a quick tempo'd beat with a guitar on 'Let You Down', but it comes off very generic and bland. TheHxliday is back as he gives us a great hook while TyFontaine is pretty basic and once again tedious, as the songs focus is being afraid of heartbreak. The hook is the best part, again I can't say I loved it but it had moments of enjoyability.

The rappers that appear on here are all kind of in the same lane - trap artists who make pop rap tracks and take more a focus on sound than lyricism. While there's some enjoyable rappers selected, a few of them and possibly the majority of them are generic and basic at what they do. 'Lost Me' see's some pretty introspective moments coming from Lil Skies short verse, "Write my pain when I write these songs And when I sing it, they gon' sing along", as he provides a presence on this track about blowing up, gathering wealth and driving expensive cars. iann dior had a pretty solid rhyme schemes and nice vocal inflections despite what he says being basic, and Lil Mosey's hook was great over the light trap beat giving us a nice, bubbly feeling to the track. Cochise provides really simplistic punchlines to the point their actually funny on 'Right Now', "I'm comin' through big time, no rush (Uh-uh)", "I might go kick it like FIFA (Yeah) // I got the blunt in my hand like Vegeta (Ice)", as his quick flow and baby voice always attracted me to his music. TyFontaine is back here and while he wasn't horrible he was pretty simplistic and generic again. The gentle beat with nice 808s and sparkling synths sounds good as the track talks on pouring up lean, flexing and girls and overall it's a good song. 'Block' see's StaySolidRocky provide some hard lines and uses a gun as a metaphor for a girl, "...don't show no love to city hoes, but I do love this Glizzy // Make her vow to me, you will never jam when you in need", I enjoyed his verse - it's what stops this from being a bad song. Trippie Redd on here surprisingly wasn't that entertaining over this muffled guitar behind the synths which don't have an orthodox pattern - but it sounds decent. The track is all about threatening to shoot their opps, and while Rocky is good, Trippie didn't turn up here and it's a pretty mid track. Kevin Gates gives us some introspective moments and hard hitting bars on 'No Option', "The man in the mirror look at me and whispered // "You gotta get better control of your businesses // Quit being stubborn whenever you suffer // The people that suffer the most are your children"", as he talks about his 2017 arrest and how it affected his family. The explosive beat with a melancholy piano edge to it sounds good as Kevin poured his heart into this track with a hook full of emotion and passion as well as a good hook - a great song overall.

Content wise I wasn't expecting cohesion on an album like this - but it did share the common themes of drugs, flexing and heart break, such as on 'Really Redd' where we get raw aggression from Trippie Redd but a disappointing verse from Young Nudy who's voice pitch wasn't the best and Lil Keed who's vocal performance was poor. The main topic of the song is to talk on those who lie and say they're gang to try get into the rappers circle over these deep 808s, twinkling synths and really lowkey, stripped back beat minus the drop - it's decent but nothing crazy. The song has it's pro's, also it's flaws - overall it's a very average track. Thinking about it, with the names attached to this you could've expected this kind of content, and it really isn't interesting to hear for 17 tracks straight. Lil Tecca makes an ode for Jennifer Lopez on 'JLO' as he flexes his new found fame, wealth and ability to have sex with as many girls as he wants to. The hard xylophone beat was great and Tecca just has this melody which makes his songs enjoyable - I don't think it's too great but it's an easy and smooth listen. 'Take It Slow' focuses on needing his girl and singing praises for her over this pretty simplistic trap beat which sounds good with the artists style. TyFontaine is basic and pretty generic again, but I think his flow and delivery were spot on here as 24kGoldn had really enjoyable melodies on the hook. It's a really catchy and glistening track, one of the best ones on here for sure. 'Lemonade' talks about drugs and flexing over this quick paced, banging guitar beat. Don Toliver provides an amazing hook and arguably his best, while NAV surprisingly was really good with his melodies and vocal infelctions, while Gunna glided over this beat effortlessly. The track is the definition of a banger and the best track on here.

Other tracks to look at include 'Thrusting' which talks on giving your partner whatever they want over this floaty beat and piano. Swae Lee's verse was boring and so were his melodies and Future while having a few nice pieces of imagery, "Got me surfin' through the pussy like a jetski // Banana-colored rims on the Bentley", had a melody that just sounded rough around the edges. They tried to make a dance-hall track but it just came off boring as both rappers sound so uninspired and use such a repetitive formula the whole way through. 'Speak' has these deep trap elements contrasting well with the animated synth line as The Kid LAROI makes a song abut drugs and his relationship issues but while having a few cool lines, but his annoying melodies come off really whiny - I usually enjoy his melodies but not on this track. 'Somebody' see's Lil Tecca and A Boggie wit da Hoodie talk about wanting a girl to love them for them - and not their money over this bland piano-inspired trap beat. Tecca had uninteresting melodies here despite what I said earlier, while A Boogie was pretty basic and generic. It's a flat, boring and generic trap song which is incredibly forgettable. Finally, 'Giddy Up' talks about the rappers desire for this girl, as Wiz Khalifa gives us a weak verse with just repetitive and straight up bad lyrics, "Hundred mil', I want next // New crib, I want next // Get a pound, I want next // In thе clouds, I want next // Hundred mil', I want next // Hundred mil', I want next // New crib, I want next // Get a pound, I want next // In thе clouds, I want next // Hundred mil', I want next", despite giving us a nice hook. 24kGoldn's verse just flies past and nothing makes you appreciate it over the standard trap beat. It has a nice hook but everything else was below par.

To conclude, this feels more like a playlist than an album. It has some nice sounding songs and some fun moments - but a few generic moments and songs let the project down. There's some poor rappers on here and some good rappers, and the production which was definitely good just didn't have too much different from other trap producers. It's a disappointing album with a few redeeming qualities.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Lost Me, Right Now, Take It Slow, No Option, Lemonade


OVERALL RATING: Solid 4.5/10

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