Gunna - WUNNA (Album Review)

Young Thug product Gunna is back in action with his new project and second studio album 'WUNNA'. Going into this I had no idea what to expect, since I've never been a huge fan of Gunna. He has his moments but overall, he's usaully very laclustre - the singles didn't give me a great deal of hope either.

Production wise, for the most part I think it's pretty good on this album with tracks like 'SKYBOX' which has an almost psychedelic feel to it with a guitar and watery synths which sound great on the ear, as well as 'DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD' where the trap elements are more than just generic, typical elements you'd hear in other tracks combined with these twinkling synths works wonders. There are some bland beats however on this album as well such as on 'WUNNA', 'FEIGNING' or 'I'M ON SOME'. where the 808s just seem pretty lifeless. The key elements in these beats are 808s, hi-hats, you know the usual and overall trap elements they have a pretty dark feeling to them. Other highlights production wise to mention include: 'ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS' which has a more mean, aggressive approach and baseline helping create the energy of the track, as well as on 'DO BETTER' we're given these unique and distorted guitar strings helping to create a lighter feel for the track overall.

As for Gunna himself, lyrically he's very, very basic and there's nothing really to comment on there. He just tends to repeat himself in different songs so often (e.g. mentioning birkins, bape, codeine etc.), saying the phrases the exact same nearly every time which gets a bit tedious and stale. Despite this, I think Gunna can flow really well, as highlighted on tracks such as 'SKYBOX', but it's usually put to waste when you hear his monotonous delivery that usually portrays no energy, hence coming off uninteresting, again highlighted on tracks like 'MOTW', 'I'M ON SOME' and 'FEIGNING'. However, on the opening track 'ARGENTINA', it's quite the opposite as Gunna raps with much more life in him and overall it makes for an enjoyable listening experience. Another example of Gunna having more 'oomf' in his delivery is on the Travis Scott assisted 'TOP FLOOR', where both Travis and Gunna have a great deal and perfect amount of energy as well as Travis having some great melodies to make a pretty enjoyable song.

Onto the features which kind of just slide into place, but don't do anything to improve the song for the first half. It at least picks up feature wise in the second half and it is nice to hear another voice though. Young Thug joins Gunna on 'DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD', bringing a really mice melody, however his verse gets a little bit stale towards the backend of it, because his vocal pitch and flow stay the exact same, and it starts to get a little boring. Lil Baby is also features on this project on the song 'BLINDFOLD' - and despite being the highlight of the song, his monotonous delivery is only just more lively than Gunna's, and he doesn't add a whole lot more to the track. Roddy Ricch off the back of his superstar status is featured on the track 'COOLER THAN A BITCH' and with his nice melodies, he was the highlight of the track, because the guitar strings in the production were pretty boring and not really doing anything for me. Young Thug gets a better feature than he previously did on the finale to the album 'FAR', with again some good melodies that contrast with Gunna's perfectly over these quick paced-hi hats and 808s to finish the album off on a high, happy sounding song with relaxing vibes and melodies.

Content wise, this album is about as much as you'd expect from Gunna - flexing, drugs and girls all throughout. There are moments the subject matter changes a little, like on the track 'MET GALA' where he talks on how he treats his girl and what she means to him. There's at least at different focus on it, but despite that it ends up just falling back into another flex song. Also, on 'DO BETTER', while still really focusing on flexing, the main idea of the track is to stay concentrated on your dreams and achieve them - which has nice sentimental value.

To look through the tracklist, it gets off to a decent enough start with 'ARGENTINA', setting the tone of whats to come with a guitar-trap infused beat. We instantly hit some duds starting with 'MOTW', and things only begin to slightly pick up on 'DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD' - which is still mid. Everything about this track from the feature to Gunna's melody was just OK - and the beat was really the only interesting part of the track. The song following 'ADDYS' is the first decent one since the opener, with a catchy drum pattern as the song tackles the usual themes of shooting people, drugs and flexing. While the feature Nechie doesn't add much, and just kind of coming across passive due to not being distinct enough, it's the repetitive hook which I find pretty catchy because it just gets stuck in your head, although I don't love the song I do just think it's alright.

The title track and single 'WUNNA' is another low point on the album, it just sounds lazy and effortless with the generic lyrics, "I fucked the bitch on the jet (Jet) // Cuban baguette on her neck (Her neck) // She only call me for sex (Sex)" (being one example from the song), and the lack of energy in this relaxed yet bland instrumental. 'NASTY GIRL / ON CAMERA' is a game of two halves, with the first half being pretty basic distortions of 808s while moving so slow due to this lack of energy - but suddenly we get a beat switch where everything picks up again with these siren sounding synths creating a psychedelic vibe. Honestly, this song is carried by the second half. The last track I want to talk about is 'DON'T PLAY AROUND'. This track is all about his come up, over this calm trap beat. The verses are fine and the hook is catchy due to the quick paced melodies which get stuck in your head. It's proof of how this album is just so much better towards the back end.

To conclude, this Gunna album isn't good - but it has it's highlights. The biggest issue is how generic Gunna is at times and the inconsistencies in the tracklist. I kind of started to see the appeal of Gunna towards the backend of the album. I mean, his flow is pretty nice and this makes it good background music - it's not exactly entertaining but it's not exactly painful to sit through. The ending as mentioned is decentm it's the first half that lacks highlights and really drags the overall score of this project down.



OVERALL RATING: Solid 4.5/10

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