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Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Pluto x Baby Pluto (Album Review)


Future and Lil Uzi Vert have joined forces for this new collab album 'Pluto x Baby Pluto' (based off both their rap nicknames). Both trap megastars have dropped projects in 2020, and while I didn't like Future's album too much I found Uzi's long awaited 'Eternal Atake' very enjoyable. I didn't have high hopes based off previous singles and just a general bad idea about this, but anyway let's see how it was.

The production was disappointing on here, I thought it would bang most of the time it was generic and bland, as on 'Rockstar Chainz' as Future takes a solo track talking on the girl he likes and keeping it a secret. I don't love this song, but it was OK and with a better beat it could've been a better song - the hook is fine but the verses aren't a drag. There's some banging trap beats on here too. Overall though the electronic beats were good, the 808s were generic and it really had Uzi and Future at a disadvantage from the get go from some songs, it had more good beats than bad I'd say but even so it didn't stand out.

Both rappers performances on here aren't great, as for the majority of this record they're both basic and generic with their lyrics. Future sometimes is better than basic but still meh overall - that's the most I can really give to any of them, such as on 'Moment of Clarity' but even then Uzi while not showing better lyricism than Future was more entertaining with funnier lines, "Darkskin and tropical, I call her Tina Colada, yeah". The Mexican guitar in there sounds good but again the 808s are generic. The track see's the rappers flex their wealth and success, and Future bought no real energy to the table - Uzi was better again but still I think this beat went to waste, it isn't overall bad just very mediocre. Lil Uzi Vert wasn't the pinnacle of lyricism on 'Lullaby' but he was actually quite decent on here, "I'm not embarrassed, she sucked my dick and I did not feel a tooth // I got a lot to lose, but I lost all my moods (Yeah) // Ever since she fucked that n**** that's older than Snoop // But I can't blame her because // Baby girl had to get her bills paid // They was up and I got my meals late // Don't give a fuck, n****, I still feel great". The vocal samples add great effect to the beat and overall it's OK as he talks on a girl he isn't treating right, as he understands this but likes the sex that comes with it. Despite being stronger thematically and lyrically than a typical Uzi song, it still doesn't provide a great deal of entertainment or energy and it isn't bad - just again mediocre. Future's flow is mostly uninteresting on here, as Uzi's fast flows are always engaging but overall not too crazy and they bring their typical auto-tuned deliveries - which for Future I don't find very entertaining.

The whole album focuses on flexing, girls and drugs. Some tracks talk on the dangerous streets they're from. Other tracks even take a more romantic focus as they talk on spoiling their girls, as on 'Bought a Bad Bitch' as the rappers also talk on drugs and sex over this cold trap beat with these swirling bells which actually sounds great. Uzi and Future are both generic on here and it isn't a complicated song, but even so it's catchy, vibey and a smooth listen to give us a nice song. The content is extremely uninteresting although I was never listening for depth.

Other tracks to look at include 'She Never Been to Pluto' which has this spacey, electronic 'Eternal Atake' type beat which sounds fire as the tracks talks on sex, flexing and shooting opps. I wasn't feeling Future's verse here again, and while Uzi wasn't good it's still decent overall but could've been better. 'Off Dat' again has a decent trap beat and talks on selling drugs, flexing jeweler and their diamond collection as Uzi's lyrics are generic and Future's lyrics just bland and boring, "Bust the AP, gotta turn to the team // Dirty diamonds on me, huh, got my money out the streets (Streets) // Ridin' with a brand new Tommy gun, two thousand bullets if I squeeze it". Uzi's hook on this is actually really catchy despite being so repetitive, and again Uzi carried this song and I lost attention on Future's verse which really stopped this track reaching its potential. 'I Don't Wanna Break Up' has this electronic beat which bangs a little bit as the track talks on the girl they're with and not wanting to break up with them. The hook is really catchy and Future was actually tolerable on this song - my only complaint is it shouldn't have gone on for 4 minutes. 'Bankroll' is the final track to talk on which has this great chaotic bass once again partnered with generic 808s as the track talks on sex with this girl, flexing their wealth and drugs. Uzi's verse is boring - even though Uzi provided a really funny line on the song, "My lil' bitch, she wanna have a daughter, but she keep on eatin' my son, yeah", the hook is repetitive and does nothing for me and Future was the best on here but he couldn't save the track.

Yesterday the Wix servers went down and I lost the first half of my review, I know I should've saved it yes so won't happen again, but here's the tracks not mentioned and one word or two to state whether I liked it or not:

Stripes Like Burberry = Decent

Marni on Me = Mid

Sleeping on the Floor = Decent

Real Baby Pluto = Below Average

Drankin N Smokin = Bad

Million Dollar Play Great = Great

Plastic = Bad

That's It = Awful

To conclude, this project tends to be flat, bland trap music that doesn't stand out and is incredibly predictable a lot of the time. The melodies aren't interesting as well as the production and poor rapping for some songs - while others have good melodies even then the beats don't stand out. On paper this is good, but it just didn't live up to expectations and with no features it just made the listen drag more. I really expected more, it's a forgettable album and even the highlights aren't the highest - a lot of mediocre songs and even some bad ones. There was no real effort, no real ambition and it was a generic project.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Million Dollar Play, Bought a Bad Bitch, Off Dat, I Don't Wanna Break Up


OVERALL RATING: Light 4.5/10

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