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Drake: Worst to Best (Discography Ranking)

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

BEFORE THIS REVIEW, IF YOU WOULDN'T MIND GIVING MY DEBUT ALBUM "DREAMING ON IT" A LISTEN, CLICK ANYWHERE WITHIN THIS SENTENCE! Today's discography ranking comes from Canadian worldwide superstar Drake. It's no secret Drake is one of the biggest and most successful artists of all time, as well as a legend in hip hop. His discography hasn't been the most consistent but I'd argue even his worst album is an OK project, a definite overhated artist of our generation.

12. Certified Lover Boy

Drake's worst release yet isn't bad, but painfully mid. Firstly, Drake himself here is an issue - his flow when rapping is very stale, and while his classic slick lyricism is still in tact, his delivery is very much boring and lacks any energy. There's also too many dull R&B songs in which his voice just leaves no affect on me. The production throughout is very much slow and sampled beats, which creates a vibe when it hits but is painfully boring when it doesn't - with the more aggressive trap beats hitting the best. The features are give or take, with Lil Durk, JAY-Z, 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Future and a few others leaving an impression on me, and artists like Yebba, Tems and Giveon jus adding nothing to already nothing tracks. Content wise it's nothing new, as Drake raps on his status and luxurious lifestyle, his entourage and loyalty, and of course his experiences with women from heartbreak to the good times. Overall, it's a mixed bag, with a decent start to the album - but the longer this 90 MINUTE ALBUM (YES 90 FUCKING MINUTES) goes on it's excruciating to get through. Nothing awful, just very bland at times - but like with every Drake project - there's bangers too.

11. Care Package

'Care Package' is a compilation album of some loose singles from Drake during his career. Drake has released many non album singles, so he selected a certain amount for this project. There's some really good songs on this project, especially at the start but it really gets boring and repetitive by the end. A decent project (even his worst here is a 6/10), but it isn't something to come back to much.


This was Drake's most successful album with first week sales, on the back end of a strong 3 album run. That being said, it's fairly mixed. It's got really high highs as all Drake albums do, but it's so bloated with a few skips. The highs outweigh the lows, and it's nice to see Drake experimenting with new sounds but not all of them work.

9. Thank Me Later

This is Drake's debut album, it has some great and classic tracks - but of course some skips too. There's not much to say about this, it's an honest attempt from Drake as he still tries to find his style, I enjoy it for the most part but wasn't left fully satisfied.

8. Scorpion

Drake's most hated album, and I can understand why but I feel it's overhated. Like 'Views', it's extremely bloated and suffers from some boring or straight up bad tracks. But - there's really high highs (some of Drake's best), and Side A of this album is really good - it's the R&B side which lets it down.

7. Dark Lane Demo Tapes

Drake's most recent effort was a step above the one's left behind, it was quite good to be honest. It's simply leftovers and tracks which hadn't been released yet because they weren't selected, and I don't know why they weren't it's full of cold production and catchy bangers from start to finish. Not his best work - but good work.

6. More Life

'More Life' is a vibe to put it simply. Defined as a playlist, it has a lot of tracks so obviously some misses, but the highs are high and overall it's so easy to listen to during the summer times. The production is so gentle and warm, the vocal performances good and it's nostalgic and feel good all at the same time.

5. What a Time To Be Alive

Drake and Future blessed us with this mixtape in 2015. There's nothing complicated about it, it's relatively a simple formula but with the dark production of Metro Boomin and contagious energy and chemistry of the rappers, it's full of non stop bangers from start to finish.

4. So Far Gone

Some may be surprised to see this so high up, but Drake's breakout mixtape is a quality project. It's got so many classic tracks on with very relaxed and vibey production, raw rapping and catchy choruses. It's such an easy listen to here Drake when he was most inspired and hungry, and I never get tired of returning to this album.

3. Nothing Was the Same

This album is easily top 3 Drake, though it suffers from the same problem of nearly every Drake album which is having pointless, filler songs. That being said, there isn't many and the highs are so good on this, some top 10 Drake material here. The production is fantastic probably his best produced album, the rapping and vocals are good and the songs are so pleasing to the ear.

2. Take Care

Similar to 'Nothing Was the Same', in fact both are of the same quality I just slightly prefer 'Take Care', it has some filler tracks in the middle but the highs outweigh them and it's a classic Drake album, and one of high quality.

1. If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Drake's best album, it is the only album to break the consistent filler tracks we find, and has some of his best songs. This mixtape being top wasn't a hard decision for me, it has his best rapping, some of his best production and some of his biggest bangers. It's a classic, and I wouldn't be mad if someone called this one - maybe even the, best mixtape of all time. We need more Drake projects to follow this formula.

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