Eminem: Worst to Best (Discography Ranking)

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


Today's discography ranking comes from legendary Detroit MC, Eminem. We've reviewed his discography on the site now, so it's about time to rank his discography from worst to best, giving a brief description of each one. Only official releases from Eminem count towards this ranking, and it's not only his solo discography it includes all projects Eminem has officially been apart of. Remember, it's just my opinion.

16. Eminem Presents: The Re-Up

Meh, just very mixed. Eminem's return and final project he was apart of before his hiatus is an inconsistent mess - in every fashion, from the production which is either very strong or quite bland, to the array of rappers on Shady Records who range from entertaining lyricists to forgettable rappers who can't seem to leave an impact. It's no lie they're all skilled in their own way, but beyond the big names like Eminem and 50 Cent - no one consistently makes a splash on here, and it makes sense why they're the ones not to blow. They all talk about the same thing of being the best rappers, killing other MC's and their street life, and this can get very tiring coming from multiple voices who all mesh into one with similar, uneventful flows and generic deliveries. Overall, it's easy to sum this up - some songs hit, some are bad, some are quite mediocre. I think the remixes at the end are quite good, as are a handful of songs but the length of it and the moments I switch off for probably leave me feeling neither hot or cold about this one.

15. Encore

Eminem's worst album in my opinion isn't even bad - it's fairly mixed but good overall. It posses some of Em's highest highs like 'Mockingbird' and 'Like Toy Soldiers', it's also packed with nostalgia but with some of Em's lowest lows such as 'Big Weenie' and 'My 1st Single', this albums full potential isn't unleashed.

14. Southpaw (Music From And Inspired by the Motion Picture)

The soundtrack for the movie 'Southpaw' was mostly taken over by Eminem, getting his Shady label mates and close affiliates to take over this soundtrack. Obviously for a soundtrack it's got many different sounds and topics, but the themes of overcoming struggles which links to the movie is definitely upheld. We get 2 new Eminem songs, both great, 2 Bad Meets Evil songs with 'Raw' being the standout of the two, a disappointing 50 Cent track, a solid Denaun track, PRhyme and Logic collaboration, an old classic Biggie song and so many more artists. It's hard to review a soundtrack since it's just all over the place, but I enjoy this. There are definitely below par songs but there's definitely the highs to outweigh them, with solid production throughout and some cohesion in the thought process. A nice soundtrack, not the best ever but definitely not the worst, and it makes me think the Shady crew should have some more motivational soundtracks to work with.


Ok this was better than I remembered. To celebrate 15 years, Shady Records released a double album, and I'll only be reviewing the first 12 songs as they're new, while the back end of the album is a greatest hits section (some great selections in that by the way). The production on this album is something people dislike but I tend to think it's fine, obviously with so many different acts you'll need different styles for everyone but some are great beats and nothing's offensively bad. The talent on display here is fantastic, all rappers are highly skilled and Skylar Grey is a fantastic vocalist, and her song 'Twisted' is one of my favourites here with a great piano beat, lovely, gentle Eminem vocals and a solid Yelawolf verse. The highs on this album are high, there's only one real low despite a few other mid moments and I managed to get enjoyment from a large chunk of these tracks. Eminem though had a mixed performance on here, whether he be making amazing songs like 'Guts Over Fear' or 'Fine Line' or the boring intro 'Shady XV' or the awful 'Right for Me', and by awful I mean only 'Big Weenie' is a worse Eminem song. His flow on this track is so stuttery, the opposite of smooth and it's just genuinely uninteresting for 5 whole minutes with some poor lyrics. Em still manages to give us some moments to remember, and overall this is an enjoyable collaboration album to me, not every song hits but there's some really good songs.

12. Infinite

Eminem's first ever album is pretty good. It showcases what a skilled MC Eminem truly is, but even so it lacks any kind of character and personality. There's no unique style to Em here and the production isn't the best. Some great tracks but also some others which just pass by.

11. 8 Mile: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture

The movie is better than the soundtrack, but the soundtrack is still good. It features legends of raps and underground stars raring to blow - we get hunger and stardom as the album keeps familiar themes of the movie close to it by talking on the struggle of the lives lived in rough areas and poverty. A wide range of producers and rappers will mean the performances may be mixed, which is the case - not all beats are good, not all songs are good - but the majority are. A lot of the songs capture the film well, especially Eminem who let's not lie - stole the show - all 4 of his songs on here are 10/10 songs including the incredible 'Lose Yourself'. There's a few songs that are from singers rather than rappers and they all have distinct and unique deliveries and at the very minimum are decent. It's really hard to review a soundtrack because it's like a playlist, but there's some really good songs, a few meh, a bit inconsistent but mainly great - this came from 2002 Eminem so if you really want anything to listen to, it's his songs.

10. Revival

Eminem's worst album to many is truly overhated. While I agree it has some horrible songs such as 'Heat' and 'Untouchable', it has some truly personal moments and some catchy pop tracks. I'll admit it doesn't sound like an Eminem album, but I'm a big fan of pop music so the features don't bother me, and even at Em's worst rapping performance he showcases some good qualities. Flawed but enjoyable.

9. Kamikaze

Em followed up on the criticisms to 'Revival' with this album. I like it, another overhated Em album where despite some sloppy flows he demonstrates amazing rapping and makes some great tracks. Even at it's best it doesn't reach the heights of Em's other albums, and despite only having 11 songs it has a few skips, holding this album back from being better.