Dutchavelli - Dutch From The 5th (Album Review)


Rising UK drill rapper Dutchavelli has dropped his debut project 'Dutch From The 5th'. After a string of successful singles, he has made himself well known across the country and I was looking forward to hearing this as I've liked nearly all his output so far, but would he deliver?

The production on this is solid all throughout with spongy, booming drill beats, '2 AM' is a prime example of that as this beat pops out more than others, as he talks about having sex with these 2 girls using crude, graphic but funny and entertaining lines, "Is it rude if I wanna fuck you and your friend? (Let's go) // I love how your back just bend // You're a nine point five and your friend is a ten (Plus ten)". It literally sounds the same as every other song on here but it slaps, so you can't complain because it hasn't got tiring and it's still sounding good. There's some more heavy, punchier beats but also some more slow and melancholy ones, as on 'Never Really Mine' which has this melancholy beat with these sped up vocals and these heavy 808s as Dutch reflects on a past relationship, and while he misses the girl he realises they weren't really a good fit but he stills wants to stay friends with her. We see a different side to Dutch from normal which was nice, it's a hard hitting yet emotional track and it sounds really good. Some are pretty generic or dull, as on 'S Road Bop' as he talks on the usual with his trap lifestyle providing some funny one liners, "Don't ask me if I shot bud, I only fuck with yay like Kim Kardashian, trust". It's a decent track but amongst this tracklist it doesn't really stand out. Overall though the production is good to great on here.

Dutch's lyricism consists of funny one liners and witty punchlines, as shown on tracks like 'Only If You Knew', "Look, pack going up north like Pogba // Kev just stepped out of rehab last week // Still tryna score like Didier Drogba", "Got nicked by Scotland Yard, woulda thought I was in Glasgow doing up crime (Crime, haha)" (it's not even clever it just caught me off guard and made me laugh), as he talks on his lifestyle of trapping and running around with the gang over this eerie drill beat with these cold synths. The hook doesn't do much for the song but that verse was gripping all the way through due to the content, lyrics and his delivery and it's yet another great track. Also he drops some hard bars throughout as on 'Darkest Moments', "She knows what I do on the road // My name's well known, she don't like it (Nope) // I was on the run when I slept on the floor // Feds tryna get me extradited", over this cold drill beat which sounds good, reflecting on how he made it from the trap as a musician but this girl he liked wasn't there through his darkest moments - he misses her and realised the life he could be living with her right now. Not much to say again but it still sounds good, just not a key highlight on here. Occasionally meh but overall while not too technical lyrically he provides entertainment all throughout. The first song, 'Intro', has a few inspirational lines as well as great bars, "If you're ever in doubt of how far you could go // Just take a look back and see where you started // I promise to bring the crown back to the East // If not, I'ma break it to pieces and half it", as Dutch talks on making it out of where he come from. The vocal samples add a bit more tang to this drill beat which is fire, and it's a good, snappy introduction which sets the tone for the project and it sounds good. His flow is pretty average, nothing special but his rough, thick delivery is a huge attraction of his music and works for his style of music.

There's limited features but they all go hard and show their chemistry with Dutch, such as M1llionz on 'Cool With Me' as he goes hard and demonstrates good chemistry with Dutch over this metallic drum beat which bangs. Dutch's lyrics are pretty meh here talking about how he'll go back to the trap if rap doesn't work for him, but this beat has more of a punch to it and M1llionz going back and forth with Dutchavelli was entertaining - it's something a bit different and a great song. I would've preferred more exciting features but the ones we got did well. 'Skr On Em' see's Ray BLK provide solid vocals which build up suspense at the start and are great throughout over this slower beat with glossy bells and sliding 808s. The track focuses on running up opps but also they talk on doing it together and sexual acts with eachother. The hook is catchy, the verses bang and Dutch comes into this song so hard and it's another great track. Fire sounds like a Dutchavelli clone on 'Do It' but was alright nevertheless over this pretty generic drill beat (which still banged), talking on the usual content revolving around the street life. Dutch provides funny one liners throughout, "'Scuse me darling, your boyfriend's a creep // Let me slide 'round there like Michael and beat it", and while it has a banging hook with great energy - the beat and verses feel quite generic but it's still an OK song but probably my least favourite on here.

Content wise it's what you expect with drill music - him coming from the trap and selling drugs to make it in music, such as on the hit single 'Bando Diaries' as he recounts stories from the bando including whipping drugs and shooting at opps over this misty trap beat. The verses are solid with hard bars throughout, "Ever since "Dem man", all I hear is "Dem man" // I know dem man'll wanna hear my song (Velli)", and the hook is catchy. This song benefited off being a single as I already loved it, and it didn't just blend in with all the other songs it's a standout track and my favourite on here. He also talks on his time in prison a lot, as on 'Kaka' as he provides some solid lines over this banging, upbeat trap beat with these cool guitar strings. This track is a short banger, and just about short enough to want to replay it over and over again. There's a few tracks which focus on a more personal side of all this, including relationships and how he appreciates making it in the rap game, as on 'I'll Call You Back' as he talks about what's going through his girls head and his when he was preparing to go to court and subsequently jail over this more emotional beat, sad piano and lowkey trap elements. This is the same style of rapping as the rest of the project but over a different beat it feels a breath of fresh air, and it's a banger with a more emotional tinge to it - the auto-tuned part at the end is full of so much emotion as well. It's nothing groundbreaking content wise but it's solid enough and engaging.

Other tracks to look at include 'Segregation' where he talks on his trap lifestyle of drug dealing and police raids over this banging trap beat with a nice plucking bass. It's got the same style of the other tracks but again, it still sounds great so no complaints. 'Ching Splash' talks on how he'll stab anything and anyone providing mean bars over this banging trap beat, with a more dark and eerie atmosphere. The hook is catchy with a nice cadence to it and it's a good song but we still don't have any variation on this tape yet. 'Surely' has a decent drill beat as he talks about violence of the streets including stabbings and shootings, as well as talking on his time in prison too. Dutch lyrically is decent and provides a nice hook and a song full of energy as it's another great song. Finally, 'Zero Zero' see's a more gracious drill beat over these orchestral violins acting as a smooth bass, providing interesting lyrics giving us a look into his life as he talks on his desire for money and his drug dealing ways. This is a banger to finish things off, that hook is so hype over this great beat and bar 'Bando Diaries', this is the only other real standout track which exceeds that 8/10 kind of peak.

To conclude, this is a pretty simple tape, and while it's not much bar turn up music, it's full of bangers. He succeeds with this, it's full of energetic drill bangers and slick, catchy hooks as his charisma carries him through from start to end - partnering that with his energy and that's why you get so much hype from just one listen. The production or style isn't revolutionary, but he uses it to the highest of qualities and comes out with this. My one criticism of the album is there's no variation, most the songs sound the same but while I still enjoy the album, it stops it really being that next level up. The rising UK rapper will no doubt be a star in the near future, and if this is just the start of what's to come I'm excited to see where it goes.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Kaka, Segregation, I'll Call You Back, Only If You Knew, 2 AM, Bando Diaries, Skr On Em, Cool With Me, Surely, Never Really Mine, Zero Zero



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