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Doctor Destruction, or more known as Logic, is out of retirement with this new mixtape titled 'Planetory Destruction'. When this album first dropped from Bobby Records, many noticed something, which is that Doctor Destruction is just Logic with his voice pitched down. So, after dropping a great retirement album last year, he gives us heavy MF DOOM vibes as he gives his own alter ego/storytelling tape - how good is it though?

There can be no complaints with the production of this, Logic himself produces this album exquisitely, shown on tracks like '20 Million Woolongs' where the woodwind instruments in this are gorgeous and the drum pattern is just so easy on the ears, as Punch in terms of rapping he does good enough but doesn’t leave a lasting impression - decent storytelling and some witty wordplay though, "Appreciate the insight, she said I'm just sharing" (Sharon). It seems to be Sharon’s new man this perspective comes from as she’s in the car with him, he’s talking about getting Doctor Destruction. It begins with another entertaining skit then Punch is decent enough over this beat (which slightly carries), and we have another good song and this run we’re on in the 2nd half. The beats are very groovy, jazz heavy instrumentals with guitar bass, boom bap drums and brass instrumentation, like on the 'Intro' which has this catchy boom bap drum pattern, glossy piano’s and repetitive yet engaging vocal samples and Logic sets a tone with the whole outer space imagery and metaphors. It's a nice introduction, some nice sounds in your ears and though it won’t be a good stand alone track it fits into the aesthetic of this mixtape. Not a bad beat on here, not all stand out but the one’s that do really stand out. 'Double Sample' has these nice woodwind instruments with vocal samples and it's a solid beat, but not the best one, and I kind of think it needed to be rapped over. Again while I find it alright it just isn’t leaving an impression on me.

Lyrically Logic is pretty slick with the bars and one liners, shown on songs like 'Better Text Back', "I just fucked three bitches that look like the witches from Hocus Pocus // Lyrically, I'm Zach Galifianakis // I got nuclear codes and access to wormholes around the universe", as we get a quick verse about getting texts back, splitting wigs and destroying the galaxy – so unstructured but adds something to the concept. The relaxed guitar strings and a really warm, yet subtle atmosphere with a fast drum pattern is great and his short verse has a nice flow but the voice altering here is a prime example of it just kind of slowing the track down, pretty average and non-important as a song. It’s very wordplay heavy and punchline heavy too which is my preferred style, like on 'Green Juices', "These rappers think they raptors, I'm the asteroid, rhyme faster, boy", as again it's just about his rap skill and being better than the competition over a gentle, soulful beat. As a song it's pretty mediocre again, the production is fine as is Logic’s rapping and even the skits are enjoyable - but it’s just not leaving any experience for me or making me feel too much enjoyment. He’s also corny at times and sometimes it’s a bit cringe but other times it works well and it's pulled off as funny, like on 'Outer Space Gang', "Can't fuck with a bitch if she suck more than eight dicks (Uh)", as we get a lot of “outer space” metaphors as again they all just talk about what they want, from writing rhymes in the mums basements to girls (with no structure) over another jazzy beat. Like provides a great flow and delivery as J Mars has this natural energy and wackiness in his voice that makes him an entertaining addition. The features and logic all do well and this is another highlight on here but even the best of it so far are good – not great. His flow’s fine but he's pitched down delivery is actually not too engaging, and takes away any personality or energy from his voice.

The features on here are mixed, alright overall but some of them just aren’t too interesting, like Big Lenbo on 'Planetory Destruction', as the track is about being good at rapping and Logic at least turns up with some slick lyricism and one liners over another glossy piano and vocal samples over this boom bap pattern. It's a decent track, doesn’t do much musically for me but a great beat, some nice rapping but yet again nothing stands alone. They’re all good rappers which is no secret, and while some aren’t interesting some leave an impression on me, like the feature studded 'Back to the Basement', where we get a load of features and there's no focus or cohesion with the verses on this, Logic talks about getting head while Tony Tone talks on his rough uprbringing and it feels like 5 verses for different songs, over this groovy bass guitar and drum pattern with not much else going for the beat but it’s enjoyable. Logic has some witty wordplay, "I just illegally downloaded the Kid Cudi album // And got the whole shit Scott free", as Tony Tone also provides some hard hitting lyricism, great flow and delivery and possibly is the highlight of this song. Se7enth Assassin has a nice flow, Castro is decent and has this old school aura around him but Big Lenbo's delivery or more the mixing and effects again just make it come off really dull. This is a good track, there’s issues as not every verse as is good as other’s and the mixing isn’t on point and again Logic’s voice again doesn’t excite me much but there’s some slick flows, bars and charisma on this – I wish everyone was on the same page thematically but I like this track. I am a bit disappointed, the feature list is good and they do perform good, but something about these features just means I'm not feeling much while listening to them, it’s confusing to me to try describe. 'Butt Ass Naked' features Black_Chocolate who gives us really elegant and angelic vocals as Marc Rebillet's rapping on here is fine but when he starts singing the really obviously sexual lines they come off as corny, over a really slow, groovy instrumental which sounds nice. Logic's lyrics here are pretty questionable, "When it comes to coochie know my way around // Smash you up then afterwards your ass better not stay around // 'Cause Doc D was never one for the relationship", as this song is all about sex with this girl – it keeps the futuristic outer space theme as Logic is sleeping with a robot with 3 boobs. Such a smooth hook and smooth beat, the verses are solid enough too, definitely my favourite so far and the first “great” song – even if there’s some corny moments.

The album follows a concept of Doctor Destruction planning to destroy the universe because this girl Sharon broke his heart, and this theme is followed at times, as on the appropriately named 'Backstory', where we get the explanation as to why he's destroying the universe - because an ex girlfriend broke his heart. The jazzy instrumental sounds amazing, and while we find out here why he’s destroying the universe making it an important moment in the album - it's pretty mid again, the beats are going to waste – I really like what he’s doing with this album thematically and even with the skits and short verses but I can’t get into it too much. The skits push the narrative but the songs don’t tend to do it most of the time, but a track which does the opposite is 'Bounty Law', as Logic explains how he became evil and the alters he did to his body, and the features use some metaphors related to call out fake rappers over this instrumental which sounds similar to others on here but gels together well. Del The Funky Homosapien was meh and Ghostface Killah comes in with the typical raw energy you expect but wasn't here long enough to make an impact. Logic has some hard punchlines, "Interdimensional time travel shit, flow dirty, call it gravel spit", and the features weren’t bad but the final actual song again just doesn’t stand out like many on here. I still enjoy the storyline, but the actual music is about his rapping ability, girls, being the best etc., like on 'Ready Player Gun' as we get another jazz like boom bap beat and Like's flow and delivery are spot on, enjoyable but again not a stand out verse as Buddy's bouncy flow just glides the beat so effortless. Logic's lines are horrendously funny, "Make hoes scream when they cum 'cause my dick weighs a ton", and it's an entertaining song, Logic’s flow was so smooth and Buddy was great, Like was decent enough and overall a great track and one of my favourites. A well thought out concept, not followed to the level a 'To Pimp a Butterfly' for example is.

To conclude, the skits move the story along more than the songs, and I find them so entertaining and interesting – the skits are better than the songs generally, not even a negative because they contribute towards a lot of this album rating. The mixing on this is below par, I don’t know why it sounds like it’s from the 70’s or something but even so the production is fine but logic’s performance and the features – while good – are still disappointing. There are a fair few good songs though, and nothing offensively bad but this album doesn’t stand out, still decent. The storyline is great and it’s still played out well, as I said I just wanted the music to push the narrative more. Decent, easy enough listen, engaging yet underwhelming all at the same time – it finishes on a cliffhanger though so hopefully we get a second try and perfecting this concept. This sounds like a negative review and it’s not, I enjoy this project – I just expected more and the flaws are too easy to notice.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Planetory Destruction, Back to the Basement, Outer Space Gang, Butt Ass Naked LEAST FAVOURITE TRACK: Better Text Back


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