A Boogie Wit da Hoodie - Artist 2.0 (Album Review)

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is back in action after dropping his new full length LP titled 'Artist 2.0' - a follow up to his debut mixtape 'Artist'. I've been a fan of A Boogie since I listened to 'Hoodie SZN', due to his incredible melodies mainly - and on this new album we do get some solid melodies from A Boogie - but there are some that aren't very catchy, a bit bland and overall it's a bit inconsistent. When you remove a good melody from these songs you're not left with much, because lyrically it's not strong (I know it's not his job to be lyrically strong) sucking the appeal out of the track. The production is also very hit and miss because at times we get some great beats and at other times we get generic, bland beats. It can really make a track very good if the beats are picked right on this album. The production overall is very dejected to match the content of the album which is mainly heartbreak, love with a focus on flexing and hood life as well. For the most part, A Boogie picks his features well on the album, with some of them providing very enjoyable contributions, while there are some that offer nothing to the track but there's more good features than bad. Unfortunately though, when a feature shines on this album it really highlights how weak A Boogie is in comparison - with his part usually being the dreary parts of the song.

We begin this album on a low with the opening track 'Thug Love'. I mean, when you have three verses and lyrically aren't doing anything impressive with a generic flow over a generic beat - you have an extremely boring start to the album. Following that, there's a slight improvement with 'Cinderella Story' mainly because the hook is catchy. Despite that, the verses are kind of dull and drag along but at least I prefer the beat on this one. 'Me and My Guitar' shows we are improving by each track. It uses a nice guitar based instrumental, another good hook and the verses are more interesting because A Boogie switches up his melodies numerous times throughout. The improvement was finally for something, the first track I really like is 'Might Not Give Up'. The pacing of the guitar in the beat is amazing, A Boogie's hook is very catchy as is his melody throughout and Young Thug provides an enjoyable verse giving us a different sound and dynamic to this project. Despite the improvements as we went along, we don't improve on the next track 'Numbers'. It's not a bad track and in fact I like the hook but I just don't think Roddy Ricch & Gunna do anything special in the track and A Boogie's verses are easily forgettable. Yeah, 'Stain' though is just a boring track. The dreamy beat is nice and DaBaby's verse over that beat is solid enough but A Boogie's part again is the worst part.

It just seems that for some of these songs A Boogie has just forgotten how to make a good melody, and when the melody isn't great it all relies on the verses which for the most part just aren't interesting - this applies for the next track 'Hit 'Em Up'. Trap Manny also adds nothing to the track with his verse. Woah, but out of nowhere this inconsistent tracklist gets more inconsistent because I like the next song 'DTB 4 Life'. The hook and pre-chorus are very memorable, the 808's help to create a chilled beat and almost melancholy atmosphere. The verses again aren't the most memorable but the hook and pre-chorus save this one. Back to back tracks I enjoy now mainly due to the features. Summer Walker kills the hook with her voice on 'Calm Down (Bittersweet)', while A Boogie's verses are short and pass easy. The beat also creates a nice, chilled vibe. Khalid is an artist I don't really enjoy, but he also kills it on 'Another Day Gone' because his chorus and voice both suited the atmosphere of the track. A Boogie's verses again weren't special but not as boring as some of his other verses on this album. The beat on 'Good Girls Gone Bad' is menacing as is A Boogie's delivery so overall that makes this one a pretty entertaining track.

Following that we do have a run of consistency it seems with 'Blood on My Denim'. While I don't love the track it is pretty catchy which is all I ask for. It's a shame the beat doesn't do much for him though. Oh wait, back down to Earth with 'R.O.D.' which is really boring. It has the same issues as some other songs, the one long, boring verse that doesn't say something, is really generic and all interest is lost after 3 bars. The exact same thing applies to the next song 'Big Shit'. 'Right Back' has a beat with so much more life than the previous ones (especially them flutes), a catchy hook, verses that aren't too long and a few melody switches that stop these verses from becoming stale. It's funny, he adds more hooks, removes the long verses and I enjoy the song a lot more. I did however expect more from 'Luv Is Art' due to the Lil Uzi Vert feature. It's an OK song, and Uzi was OK he just wasn't anything special. A Boogie was once again the worst part of the song which is so disappointing because of how much I enjoyed his previous projects. We then get three singles in a row starting with the newest one 'King of My City' which literally sounds like a song I've heard 7 times on this project before - so it's a no from me. Followed by that we have the first single released for this album which is 'Mood Swings', which is a bit better than 'King of My City' because its hook is catchy and Wheezy's production is nice but you'll never guess which part I don't like...the long pointless verse, yes you got it. At least we finish this album on a high with the final two tracks. Lil Uzi Vert's feature was so much better on the track 'Reply' which see's Uzi and A Boogie go back to back (showcasing great chemistry) on debating messaging this girl because she may not reply (it is pretty relatable let's not lie to ourselves). Both artists melodies are very good, I enjoyed A Boogie's verses surprisingly enough as well as Uzi's and yeah it's probably the best song on the album. He left it until the final track but we have an example of storytelling from A Boogie on the finale 'Streets Don't Love You' as he tells an actual compelling story, meaning the verse kept me gripped with and it even included a sad twist at the end. It's a shame we had to wait until the final track to get something like this, but at least we got it.

So, to conclude A Boogie With da Hoodie's new album, it's safe to say I'm very mixed about it. There are some nice melodies scattered throughout it but a lot of the songs are boring and especially the verses in this. It's also too long and has too much filler - we didn't need 20 songs and I definitely didn't need to sit down for an hour to listen to it. Hoping in the future we can get some more of the old A Boogie on his projects.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Might Not Give Up, Numbers, Stain, Calm Down (Bittersweet), Right Back, Mood Swings, Reply



*REVISED SCORE: Review may not match favourite tracks and overall rating because I've since re-listened and changed my score.*

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