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6LACK - 6pc Hot EP (EP Review)

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Atlanta R&B artist/rapper 6lack has dropped a small, 6 track EP titled '6pc Hot EP' to get us excited for future content. With an album expected in the near future, this small EP was just for fans to enjoy while they wait - but was it a good enough piece of work to keep fans satisfied for now?

Firstly, the production on this album is great - it's so stripped back yet sounds so smooth and nice on the ear. The key elements of the project are spacey/psychedelic atmospheres, lowkey grooves and trap elements. The beat on 'Float' is great, giving us a spacey guitar and trap infused beat as he talks on staying afloat during the hardships of life. It's lyrically pretty basic, but it's chilled out and you can just sit down and get lost in its psychedelic feel. 'Elephant in the Room' also has a great beat with some crazy sliding 808s and an overall higher tempo. The song is about arguing with a partner and needing to address the elephant in the room (hence the title), and again with the beat and his soft vocals it's such a vibe and good track. My least favourite track, 'Know My Rights' is mainly due to the beat, it's psychedelic but more generic and bland compared to others. It's about coming from the streets and how it's shaped him into the person he is today. Lil Baby features on the song as he reflects on his musical success with an alright verse, but despite it not being bad it just wasn't very entertaining.

6lack himself provides us some nice melodies - they're not always enticing but his voice and vocals are nice no doubt. In terms of his lyricism, he's pretty average - he isn't bad but sometimes he has some really basic lines or verses. He demonstrates some awareness in his lyrics too, such as on the track 'Outside', "Another love song, look what you made me do". It's a track about wanting to reunite with his lover after lock-down, with a slow paced, piano-themed emotional stripped back beat - it's a decent, calming song to finish the album off with an emotional feel.

Content wise he talks on some decent topics such as the hardships of life ('Know My Rights') and his hometown of Atlanta such as the opener 'ATL Freestlye', where he spits over an acoustic guitar with trap elements - and a fire drop with an entertaining forever switching flow and nice vocals - a great start to the album. Of course and some classic topics like girl and flexing such as on 'Long Nights' With a lowkey, piano themed beat - it's so chilled and gives us yet another good vibe. He doesn't jump into these with a whole load of depth, it's kind of just below the surface level at times but it also isn't the most generic and basic way of exploring these concepts.

To conclude, this is a pretty vibey EP for the most part, but occasionally can feel a bit bland and boring. It plays it relatively safe, but it's still a short and sweet project. As a full length LP it might not have been as good so it's lucky it was only just an EP. A good, chilled project - it could've been better if it left its comfort zone but other than that - not many complaints from me.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: ATL Freestyle, Long Nights, Elephant in the Room, Outside



*REVISED SCORE: Review may not match favourite tracks and overall rating because I've since re-listened and changed my score.*

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