6ix9ine - TattleTales (Album Review)

Updated: Mar 6

For the first time since being arrested back in November 2018, meme rapper 6ix9ine is back with his new album 'TattleTales'. The controversial artist has been everywhere since his co-operation with the police during his infamous racketeering trial, and since he was released he's been trolling everybody by bragging about his snitching, dropping high charting singles and engaging in high-profile feuds. His music was always appealing to me due to his scream style and ability to make hits - but it was time to see whether he could deliver on his sophomore album or not.

This project is full of trap beats ranging from banging to pretty standard and even straight up annoying. Most instrumentals feature trap elements and twinkling synths, such as on the number 1 single 'TROLLZ' which has a quick paced tempo as the track talks on sex, money, guns and people using their names for clout. Nicki Minaj on here has her usual content of being the best female rapper and popping her pussy as she has some good lines, a solid flow, great charisma as per usual but a lot of really simplistic wordplay, "Somebody usher this n**** into a clinic // My flow's still sick, I ain't talkin' a pandemic". 6ix9ine being laid back works here for a nice pre-hook and chorus, and the switch to shouting midway through his verse is a nice switch up but other than that it isn't too interesting - the song is carried by the beat and Nicki Minaj. It's also full of loud, crashing and aggressive beats to match his style, such as on 'PUNANI' where we get some futuristic synths and heavy 808s and he talks about his sexual desires with this woman with some really poor lyrics, "iggy lil' bitch, jiggle on the dick // Watery, she puckerin' and shit // Guzzle, guzzle it // Eat it, she a doggie ass bitch". Bar the auto-tuned "Nasty" part, this song is a banger and feels more like the 6ix9ine off previous projects. There's some calmer beats as well for his more melodic tone, such as on 'TUTU' which is very tropical and island-esque but it sounds a bit cheap. 6ix9ine flexes his money, success and women on here as he claims others are jealous of him being able to get what he wants but his melodic flow just doesn't sound good and it isn't any different here. Overall the production is decent but there's some duds production wise in the tracklist.

For the most part 6ix9ine's lyrics are either basic or straight up bad, such as on 'GATA', "She said her pussy pink, but she from Brownsville". The track is all about using this girl for sex then kicking her to the curb over this darker beat with aggressive drums and menacing synths behind it which sounds decent. The track is full of recycled flows and lyrics so there's nothing interesting about it. There are moments here where his lyrics are funny, although that is unintentional because what he says is dumb not witty or clever, such as on the hit 'GOOBA', "Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh? // Play me like a dummy, like bitch, are you dumb? // Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh?", "You're mad I'm back, big mad // He's mad, she's mad, big sad // Haha, don't care, stay mad // Ah-hah, ah-hah, ah-hah", but they're sure to quickly become iconic despite actually being awfully written lyrics. The song is about being back and how mad others are due to that as well as the clout around his name. The beat is fire with these banging drums and twinkling synths which add to it as his first release since his release from prison see's his scream style at its peak with so much energy and character to it as 6ix9ine gives us an absolute banger. There is one track on here I can't exactly tell you what 6ix9ine is like lyrically - that being 'YAYA' as I don't speak Spanish, but I can say the beat is absolute fire with the 'lala' vocal samples and very Latin feel to it with a deep bass. The beat as I said is amazing and carries the song - I wouldn't say the track is great but it's decent and his voice isn't as bad as it was on other tracks. His flow was always pretty good and unique, but this project just see's a load of recycled flows from other songs he's done in the past. He has 2 deliveries on here, firstly he has a soft and melodic delivery which sounds awful and his aggressive, shouting style he's known for where he's at his best and allows him to make bangers.

The features on here are usually the best part of the track but that isn't always saying something. 'CHARLIE' originally seems to have a good start as we're introduced to this great flute based trap beat but the feature Smilez is utterly useless here he's so generic, uninteresting and just forgettable as nothing stands out about his performance as he talks about an ex girl talking shit about him over twitter as well as pussy and flexing. The beat is good but that's it, the rest of it is just a played out gimmick and 6ix9ine's vocals are mixed so much quieter than the rest of the track. Leftside comes off as a Bad Bunny rip off and isn't memorable on 'NINI' as we get this annoying dance-hall/Latin infused beat as the track talks on liking the look of this girl and her body. It should go without saying - we didn't need a 6ix9ine dance-hall track. Akon is back for the track 'LEAH' and again has nice vocals and is the highlight of the track over these very thick, throbbing synths - it doesn't sound good and is a headache inducing beat. It's about wanting to have sex with a girl named Leah and turning it into a relationship as 6ix9ine once again has horrible harmonising and it's another bad song.

Content wise the main focuses are on his wealth, others being jealous of him, sex, clout and references to his time in prison and snitching, shown on 'WAIT', which has this decent trap beat as 6ix9ine flexes and talks on others being jealous of his success. 6ix9ine is incredibly basic on here and once again he's melodic - so what do you expect other than painful harmonising on the ears and an extremely generic, forgettable track where nothing grabs your attention. 'AVA' also has some of these themes as a focus as he talks on how careful he has to be out and about since his release from prison (due to snitching). The deep trap beat with an acoustic guitar sounds alright as 6ix9ine has some nice references to past tracks, "Tell a n****, like Fefe, I don't really want no friends". There's just nothing to this track, it's so forgettable in the landscape of the trap music, and while more personal to him it doesn't capture the emotion of the listener even one single bit. It is probably the most 6ix9ine has ever opened up this album, although he isn't great at capturing the emotions of the listener. We see this on track one 'LOCKED UP, PT. 2' where 6ix9ine talks on being locked up, his old gang betraying him and regretting choices he's made while giving us a rare glance of honesty and introspection, "Ain't nothin' you can tell me 'bout this life I chose // I was facin' forty-seven life". Akon has a solid verse here and really smooth vocals over this nice piano and booming drum pattern which all comes together for a great beat. Akon's hook is pretty catchy and the whole song is smooth sailing - but it isn't the most in depth song and 6ix9ine's singing isn't good PLUS the mixing is off - it's a flawed track but still decent. For the most part it's just completely generic topics within trap. 'GTL' is also more personal as he's honest (but still basic) as he reflects on his time in prison, his old gang betraying him and bad choice's he's made over this booming guitar beat. Half of it is just 'LOCKED UP, PT. 2' which instantly makes this song forgettable and while I appreciate what he did with the prison phone call it just didn't sound good.

To conclude, while there's a banger or two here as he does his scream-rap style - the album isn't very good. The more melodic tone always sounds bad, and while his previous projects were full of bangers there was so many duds on this. The production is solid but 6ix9ine for the first time in his career sounds as if he has ran out of ideas. It feels very rushed like he wanted this out while the hype was still on him, and now you have to wonder where does he go from here. The singles were the best part of this, and 6ix9ine would have to do something special to keep the masses interested in the future after this album.



*REVISED SCORE: Review may not match favourite tracks and overall rating because I've since re-listened and changed my score.*

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