2 Chainz - So Help Me God! (Album Review)

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Legendary trap artist 2 Chainz is back in action with his 2020 drop 'So Help Me God!'. The Georgia rapper has been in the game for decades now and has seemed to age like fine wine - so the question was will this keep up a good little run he's been on?

The production on here is high quality from start to finish and sounds good. There's some banging trap beats on here, such as 'Save Me' which has this flashy trap beat with a more groovy, R&B type beat - it's decent and banging although I don't think it's amazing. The track see's the rappers talk on PTSD from the streets and missing their homies that have died, 2 Chainz talks on a girl he likes too. YoungBoy Never Broke Again talks on being fresh out of jail and toting guns, he goes hard with a great flow and solid melodies on the hook. 2 Chainz wasn't too interesting - YoungBoy actually saved this track with his verse and nice hook – a decent song overall. There's also some beats I don't enjoy as much, as on 'Free Lighter' because the loop gets a bit tiring but this cold trap beat has lowkey but booming, deep 808s, and nice keys acting as a bass. The track see's the rappers flaunting their wealth and shooting at their opps, 2 Chainz was quite boring and his hook was bad but Chief Keef was decent and Lil Uzi Vert was a fun edition, he wasn't anything crazy but one the best on here, overall though this is quite an average song. Overall it's good, especially the added elements of bass guitars, metallic keys or piano's and it's a good foundation to build off. 'Money Maker' has this trumpet and horn beat with keyboards and a deep bass guitar complimenting eachother as the song talks about a girl shaking her perfect ass. Lil Wayne brings his usual charismatic self over the beat which is absolutely amazing and 2 Chainz is decent but again he just needed more power to his delivery to elevate this track, Wayne was fine and it was a great song.

The lyricism is decent, he's very humorous and charismatic with his lyrics, as on 'Grey Area' as he drops disrespectful but funny one liners, "Old enough to be your Daddy, young enough to fuck your Mama", and talks on how he's older than his competition but still young in the game, as well as talking on the streets of Atalanta and smoking weed. Again it's good not great, the hook's OK and the verses are decent but it's kind of carried by the beat - even though it sounds good so I'm not complaining. He also drops some hard bars throughout, as on 'Feel a Way', "Aim it at your Adam's apple, turn it to apple sauce", as the track focuses on 2 Chainz flexing his wealth and success as well as where he came from, with Kanye West talking on freeing modern slaves from the music industry. Brent Faiyaz's vocals are dreamlike which are tailor made for these spongy keys acting as a bass with glossy bells chiming over this trap beat - it's a great, vibey beat. Brent's line in the hook is so hard, "A n**** never learned to save // I be ballin' anyway (Yeah, swish)", as 2 Chainz and Kanye going back and forth is fire and the whole song is such a vibe I love it - it's the best on here so far. 2 Chainz uses his lyrics to provide entertainment over these trap beats and they're quite clever at times. 'Wait for You to Die' see's 2 Chainz drop great and thoughtful lines throughout, "'Round here you sold dope or pussy, it's called survival (True) // Middle finger to pigs, 12, Feds and 5-0 (Fuck 'em)", over this groovy bass guitar, vocal samples and overall great beat. The track see's 2 Chainz talk on people who wait for you to die to gain sympathy or money, he also talks on the struggles of growing up where he did and it's a decent song, not too memorable but does an OK job so I'm not too disappointed with it. He has a decent, disjointed flow and classic 2 Chainz husky, heavy delivery - although it wasn't full of energy which stopped some of these songs elevating to the next level.

On a whole the features on this are pretty good, such as Mulatto on 'Quarantine Thick' as she comes with this cocky attitude and it really pushes her through this verse where she lets the girls know their man's in her DM's. The hard piano trap beat is pretty generic and basic as 2 Chainz provides some hard one liners, "I get what you get just for an interlude (A interview?)", even so his delivery was boring as was his flow and the hook. Mulatto was great and went so hard with the flow switches and aura around her, although this was pretty mediocre overall. There's a good mix of different types of artists which makes this an unpredictable listen. Some features however aren't as good as others, such as Kevin Gates on 'Ziploc' because simply I just don't find his whole demeanour interesting and he don't do much for me. The deep 808s and cold metallic atmosphere is alright, it's not the best on here though and 2 Chainz lyrically is meh as he talks on the trap life. The hook bangs but the rest of the song is way below par. 'YRB' has Rick Ross glide over this really smooth trap beat with these shocking piano keys as the whole thing bangs - though it isn't Ross' finest feature but he still does a solid job despite a few questionable lines, "Autograph my jersey, on Thursday the hoes get peed on (Woo)". Skooly (although sounding like YoungBoy) does a great job with this smooth hook as the three brag about being young, rich, black and successful. The song has a catchy hook and smooth verses – nothing exactly stands out but we get a great Big Rube interlude and overall it’s definitely good.

The majority of content on this revolves around flexing his wealth, success or even his rapping ability as on the opener 'Lambo Wrist'. There's some funny punchlines on here, "I'm on a war path (Fye), I go homicidal on the beat (Beat) // Lil' bitch you ain't nothing to me, my partner spin your block like Uber Eats (Ga-ga-ga-ga, brr)", over this simple but banging trap beat. I think he should've had more oomph to his delivery but even so the beat is fire with some great lines - even though the hook doesn't do much for me it's a good start to the album. He also talks on coming from the street life, as on '55 Times' as he talks on his rags to riches story over this lowkey flute beat with a great bass guitar, providing honest and pretty good lyricism throughout. Despite this, I’m kind of tired of the album at this point, again it's not bad it's just a mediocre song where 2 Chainz's performance doesn’t get you excited or eager to listen for more. 'Toni' follows the life of someone called Toni who's surrounded by violence, girls and cooking up drugs – this may reflect his real life. The 808s are nice, and there's some metallic piano keys in there sounding great and it’s a solid beat. Again, it’s not bad just mid - there's a bit of a meh run in the tracklist now. The hook’s too repetitive and bland, the verses are OK but not much energy to them – although past the beat switch it’s fire. The content overall isn't too gripping but it's cohesive and he gives us an insight into the life he used to live compared to the life he lives now.

Other tracks to look at includes 'Can't Go for That' which has this soul sample which turns into a West Coast trap beat and sounds great with these twinkling keys and deep, groovy bass. The track see's 2 Chainz brag about the assets he's acquired and spending time with his girl, and he provides some funny one liners and great braggadocio throughout, "My house so far back in the woods that can't nobody find us // A driveway so long that you can run out of gas". Ty Dolla $ign on a feature can never go wrong and even if he isn't too involved on this his vocals were luscious still. The sample is great on this and 2 Chainz is just spitting, again his energy levels aren’t as high as I’d like but it’s a great song nevertheless. 'Southside Hov' has a more emotional tone with these saddened female vocals - but the trap pattern isn’t too interesting as 2 Chainz reflects on his drug dealing past to getting to where he is now with some decent lyrics. It's an OK song, the beat is fine and so is 2 Chainz’s content and lyrical performance - but a lack of a flow switch for this one long verse makes it get a bit tedious towards the end. Finally, 'Vampire' has this melancholy piano trap beat with more female vocals layered in as he drops honest lyrics and decent punchlines as he talks on all his struggles of his past life he’s had. Again the content here is better than most, as are some of the lyrics, but the hook is still eh and not really memorable but overall a good song and we’re back on track after a blip in the tracklist.

To conclude, this album was better than I expected, I don’t think it’s too unique or stands out too much but it’s got some great songs and catchy trap bangers with some solid features which makes this an easy, casual listen. The production is nice as some tracks were carried by the beat, but it had it’s own unique touch for this Southern style of rap as 2 Chainz's personality shone, and while it’s flawed and doesn’t exactly hit you as amazing – it’s definitely an easy album to throw on for a casual listen. It does however fall off in the 2nd half and get a bit boring to get through because the songs just come and go - either way it's a decent to good album.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: Grey Area, Save Me, Money Maker, Can't Go for That, Feel a Way, Southside Hov, Vampire, YRB, Wait for You to Die, 55 Times


OVERALL RATING: Light 6.5/10

*REVISED SCORE: Review may not match favourite tracks and overall rating because I've since re-listened and changed my score.*

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